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Press Release: New Momentum in Pharma Automation: ArisGlobal’s 2024 Industry Survey Report Highlights Surge in AI-Powered Safety & Regulatory Processes

  • The pace of companies’ transitions to intelligent automation is accelerating: 60% are looking to explore new usage or increase their usage of advanced technologies over the next 18 months
  • Today, while more than 75% of organizations claim they now already use “some” form of advanced automation (harnessing AI/machine learning), only 8% have applied next-gen capabilities in “all” or “most” processes. 
  • Overcoming integration challenges will be key to new progress, which from a Safety perspective for many companies is linked to being able to harness reliable Real-World Data.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA– May 8, 2024 – ArisGlobal, an innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®, has unveiled a compelling trend among pharmaceutical organizations in its latest 2024 Industry Survey Report. The Report highlights a resolute commitment to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize their Safety and Regulatory process automation.

Amid rising ambitions to bring important new drugs to market cost-efficiently and without delay, 60% of companies plan to explore adoption or increase usage of advanced technologies over the next 18 months, according to new research published in ArisGlobal’s 2024 Industry Survey Report1.

The international survey reveals that there is currently a pronounced gap between Life Sciences organizations’ intentions and their actual use of next-generation technologies. Although more than 75% of organizations now claim to use some form of ‘advanced automation’ within their processes, only 8% have applied next-generation capabilities on a widespread basis.

To date, difficulty integrating the technology into existing infrastructure has proved a significant barrier. While the most substantial blocker to AI adoption in life sciences is budget (cited by 54% of participating organizations), over a third (36%) point to poor integration with existing technology. More than two-thirds (68%) of respondents have found it “very difficult” or “somewhat difficult” to integrate automation technology with other systems and/or data.

Overcoming such barriers will be important if companies want to benefit from new opportunities that emerge from fully leveraging next-generation technologies. For example, to utilize the full potential of real-world data (RWD) for critical but labor-intensive processes – including safety signal detection and validation – organizations must lean into new technologies. This capability is now becoming an affordable and accessible option for the industry.

The ArisGlobal study identified a growing appetite to harness RWD where possible, to unlock the next level of patient treatment innovation. Just over half (51%) of organizations are already connected to some form of RWD, of which 54% expressed plans to increase the data’s usage. For those not yet connected to RWD, 20% are in the process of connecting to such resources or plan to do so within the coming 18 months.

Commenting on the industry’s soaring ambitions to harness AI and machine learning as part of everyday safety and regulatory processes, Emmanuel Belabe, SVP, Customer Success at ArisGlobal said: “The pace of companies’ transitions to intelligent automation will continue to accelerate due to business and operational mandates, and because end-to-end, AI-enabled R&D process automation is becoming much more accessible. This is, to a large degree, thanks to cloud platforms like LifeSphere® from ArisGlobal, which is powered by our NavaX advanced automation engine. For more than 35 years, we’ve collaborated with top pharma companies to keep them ahead of what’s possible, both internally with our advanced technology, and through strategic alliances – for instance, with real-world data providers.”

The full ArisGlobal 2024 Industry Survey Report, Life Sciences R&D Transformation: Ambitions for Intelligent Automation & Today’s Reality, is available for download here:

Industry Report 2024

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ArisGlobal, an innovative life sciences technology company and creator of LifeSphere®, is transforming the way today’s most successful life sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Headquartered in the United States, ArisGlobal has regional offices in Europe, India, Japan, and China. For more updates, follow ArisGlobal on LinkedIn.


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