Automation in Pharmacovigilance: A Real-World Implementation Story

Dec 18, 2019

On Oct 15th, 2019, ArisGlobal hosted a webinar titled “Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality”. The webinar was hosted by Aman Wasan, Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance for ArisGlobal. As a part the webinar, attendees shared their top concerns around implementing automation. Top responses included cost, replacing human decision-making, scepticism on quality, worry over risk, preparedness to accept change or simply not knowing the actual benefits of automation.

According to a recent ArisGlobal poll, nineteen percent (19%) are worried about automation cost. Seventeen percent (17%) mentioned the replacement of human decision-making was a major concern. An additional 15% are focused on quality concerns.

Poll: What concerns, if any, do you have when it comes to automating PV processes?
  • Cost associated with change 19% 19%
  • Hesitancy to replace human decision-making 17% 17%
  • Quality might suffer 15% 15%
  • Organizational readiness to adopt this type of change 14% 14%
  • Case volumes don’t justify the investment 12% 12%
  • Lack of internal expertise 10% 10%
  • Risk of change/perceived adverse impact to existing processes 8% 8%
  • Unsure of the actual benefits of automation 3% 3%
  • I don’t have any concerns about this 2% 2%
To address these concerns, Aman Wasan provided a real-world case study for implementing automation in pharmacovigilance using LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10 (LSMV10). LSMV10 is ArisGlobal’s next-generation drug safety platform with product-ready automation. The application discussion was centred around a leading global pharma who was an early adopter of LSMV10.

In this case study, the early adopter had multiple time-consuming manual activities for data reporting, capture, review and submission that resulted in low throughput, human error and compliance issues. Thanks to the adoption of automation through LSMV10, the customer was able to automate data extraction, review and reporting, ensuring accurate and consistent data capture and providing considerable savings. This example saw an efficiency gain of 35-40% in their case management process. As they expand automation capabilities, ArisGlobal’s time-motion studies suggest that efficiency gains of 50-55% can be achieved. 

To learn more about the insights shared and questions answered, view on-demand webinar Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality and to explore use cases, view on-demand webinar Key Use Cases of Automation in Pharmacovigilance held in June, 2019.

Read our whitepaper “Cognitive Computing in Pharmacovigilance: Revamping Drug Safety Using an Advanced Computing System”.

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