MultiVigilance 10

The future of pharmacovigilance. The only automated end-to-end safety system built with the industry, for the industry.

LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10


The life sciences industry’s first end-to-end safety system with production-ready automation, built in close partnership with top life sciences organizations.

Developed on an entirely new, state of the art platform, LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10 (LSMV10) incorporates the latest in cognitive automation technology to deliver groundbreaking efficiency gains to PV teams. 

  • The only production-ready PV automation
  • Developed and tested in partnership with leading early adopters
  • Built from the ground-up on brand new architecture
  • Trusted by 9 global health authorities
  • Single, E2B (R3) compliant global safety database
  • Best-in-class implementation and change management

Developed in Partnership with Industry Leaders

Developed with the Industry’s Best

Production-Ready Automation

Powered by ArisGlobal’s cognitive computing engine, Nava®, LSMV10 features production-ready automation that has been developed and tested directly with industry leaders, enabling:

  • Automated Case Intake
  • Automated Case Data Extraction
  • Automated Validity, Triage & Dupe Check
  • Automated Coding
  • Automated Follow-up Management
  • Touchless Case Processing
  • Machine Translation


Results on Day One


Potential Case Intake & Data Entry Efficiency Gains


Potential Cost Savings Through Automation


Compliance with Global Regulations and Regulatory Agencies

Built with the Industry, for the Industry

For over 30 years, ArisGlobal has partnered with leading pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies to identify innovative ways to solve pharmacovigilance challenges. 

LSMV10 is the result of close coordination with top global life sciences organizations. Together with our partners, we’ve collaborated on a “best practice” out-of-the-box configuration, developedtested and refined in real-world settings. 

Trusted by Global Regulatory Authorities

ArisGlobal provides drug safety technology to 9 global authorities. These partnerships provide unique insights that ensure compliance despite an evolving global regulatory landscape. 

Out-of-the-Box Readiness

Incorporates best practices into its pre-validated out-of-the-box configuration to reduce customizations and shorten implementation times, while providing the flexibility to accommodate specific business processes.

Global Compliance

LSMV10 satisfies E2B (R2) and (R3) requirements and is fully compliant with global safety reporting standards set by health authorities like the FDA, EMA, PMDA, and NMPA. LSMV10 also provides support for Japan and China.

The Chosen Next-Generation Safety System of the FDA and 9 Global Regulatory Authorities

LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10: The Preferred Safety Platform of the FDA

LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10: The Preferred Safety Platform of the FDA

We have seen how the LifeSphere Platform’s advanced robotic automation and cognitive features will allow us to automate many of our key PV steps in the area of case processing, which are currently resource intensive”.

Claudia Lehmann

Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim

Infographic : The transformation and Automation of Adverse Event Management in Life Sciences

Infographic : The transformation and Automation of Adverse Event Management in Life Sciences

Cloud Native

  • Multi-Tenant SaaS
  • Free, automatic upgrades ensure continuous compliance and “future proofing” 
  • Reduced infrastructure and maintenance needs 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner 

Brand New Architecture and Design

Built on all new cloud architecture, LSMV10 is the industry’s only end-to-end, next-gen safety system that is production-ready. 

Unifying Safety, Medical Affairs and Quality

LSMV10 is part of the unified LifeSphere platform and offers out-of-the-box integration with product quality complaint and medical information systems, delivering seamless exchange of safety data between these functions. 

Modern and Intuitive User Experience

Our next generation design system has been crafted to deliver a truly modern user experience, with the goal of enabling completion of tasks with greater ease, simplicity and efficiency.

A Best-in-Class Implementation Partner

ArisGlobal wants to help make your journey as effortless as possible – not just at the beginning, but over the long-term. 

Managed Services

  • Support for all LifeSphere solutions, including upgrades, patches and MedDRA updates 
  • A multitude of support and service options, including training, reporting, dictionary loading and business and technical consulting 
  • Access to an experience team of life sciences industry veterans with deep subject matter expertise

Professional Services 

  • Seamless data migration support 
  • System configuration, validation and integration

LifeSphere Trainings

Designed to be intuitive, convenient and secure, LifeSphere Trainings cover proper usage and administration of the LifeSphere portfolio, enhancing your team’s ability to utilize our products at their very best. 

LSMV10: The Next-Generation Adverse Event Processing Platform for Life Sciences

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Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality

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Regional PV Regulations: Challenges with Non-Harmonized Regulatory Expectations

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Results to 250+ Customers World Wide


Potential Case Intake & Data Entry Efficiency Gains


Estimated Cost Savings from Nava, ArisGlobal's Automation Engine


Compliance with Global Regulations and Regulatory Agencies