All pharmaceutical companies have the responsibility to provide clear medical information to the healthcare professionals and patients they serve while complying with regulatory obligations in PV, data privacy and transparency. The area of medical information (MI) is critically important – not only as a regulatory requirement and a means of helping to facilitate prescribers make informed clinical decisions, but also because the MI team is often the first point of contact for a Healthcare Professional (HCP), patient or member of the public with the company.

However, the MI department typically suffers from a lack of investment and are often required to utilize solutions that are not specifically designed for medical information. Indeed, some medical information teams are still working on basic spreadsheets or outdated systems that hamper productivity, while others are asked to force fit systems that have been adapted from elsewhere in the organization, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

LifeSphere Medical Affairs™ – Integrated Platform for Improved Compliance and Information Consistency

LifeSphere Medical Affairs™ provides an integrated, unified medical affairs platform to help companies successfully manage all medical information activities to facilitate compliance while delivering clear and concise medical information to patients and HCPs. By delivering all the tools required to support the medical information function, the platform delivers significant cost savings. A simple, intuitive user interface helps to increase productivity, making it easier for MI professionals to manage create and compile responses, gather and share insights and ensure the company meets its compliance and data privacy obligations.

LifeSphere Medical Affairs enables collaboration and communication with marketing, sales, R&D, clinical, regulatory, safety and other teams to ensure that patients and healthcare providers receive globally consistent, accurate and timely information about its products, increasing brand loyalty. The platform is fully multi-lingual (German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish) and fully mobile enabled for tablets and phones.

The LifeSphere Medical Affairs platform consists of the following modules:

LifeSphere MI – A comprehensive, end-to-end, global medical information management system that utilizes workflow automation to efficiently process inquiries

LifeSphere Product Complaints– Product complaint management system designed to manage the intake of all inbound product complaints from different sources

LifeSphere Call Center– Streamlined call center module for handling AEs, complaints and inquiries

LifeSphere Mobile MA– Self-service portal and mobile module for tracking and reporting side effects, accessing documents, submitting medical inquiries and reporting product complaints

LifeSphere CMS – Online electronic content management, providing global and regional content management

With LifeSphere Medical Affairs, an organization’s MI team will appreciate having a unified platform that provides all the functionality for effective medical information thereby reducing the reliance and costs associated with dealing with and managing multiple systems from multiple vendors. An open platform, LifeSphere Medical Affairs offers complete flexibility so that other popular third-party applications can be easily integrated within certified cloud-based platform. Each solution within the LifeSphere Medical Affairs platform can be deployed independently, but when deployed together, organizations have a comprehensive and integrated platform for medical information and medical affairs.