ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere CTMS10 Brings Complete Control and Full Visibility to Clinical Trials

May 8, 2020

It’s important to achieve and maintain complete control over the clinical trial process. There is no better way to obtain this than with the newly updated LifeSphere® CTMS10. This clinical product has undergone various changes and improvements throughout the past year in preparation for this release.

A versatile Clinical Trial Management Solution, LifeSphere CTMS10 maintains the same great functionality as previous versions. ArisGlobal brings five key benefits with this product including: end-to-end clinical trial management in a single application, intelligent automation, unified clinical operations and data management in a single cloud, streamlined trial management through an intuitive interface, and CTMS10 makes payments and monitoring faster and easier by including them out-of-the-box. This new release, however,adds some highly needed features to this already comprehensive product.

“To take a single source of truth, not just at a document level, or an individual data record level and provide a faster ability to change, and a higher quality ability to change. We respond to things in real-time. LifeSphere CTMS10 is the most innovative CTMS that I have seen in my twenty years in the industry,” says Sondra Pepe, Senior Director, Clinical.

LifeSphere CTMS10 addresses a variety of challenges that the clinical product lifecycle faces, including include monitoring resource and quality, site relationship, start-up timelines, and others. Built with an open architecture that integrates with third-party systems and a holistic view of study data with real-time reporting, LifeSphere CTMS10 solves key clinical challenges.

Bet you want to learn more! Click here to view our fact sheet for LifeSphere CTMS10.


About ArisGlobal

ArisGlobal is transforming the way today’s most successful Life Sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Our end-to-end drug development technology platform, LifeSphere®, integrates our proprietary Nava® cognitive computing engine to automate all core functions of the drug development lifecycle. Designed with deep expertise and a long-term perspective that spans more than 30 years, LifeSphere® is a unified platform that boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, delivers actionable insights, and lowers total cost of ownership through multi-tenant SaaS architecture.

Headquartered in the United States, ArisGlobal has regional offices in Europe, India, Japan and China. For more updates, follow ArisGlobal on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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