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Blog: ArisGlobal Is Going “All-In” on Amazon AWS. Here Is What It Means to Our Customers.

Software systems supported by a cloud-based infrastructure have become a mainstay in today’s global economy. In fact, many organizations have been leveraging the use of cloud technology for well over a decade. Since its inception, cloud technology has continued to evolve and improve, and today Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others offers a cloud infrastructure platform that enables solution providers to deploy and manage their solutions in an orderly, compliant, and efficient manner.

ArisGlobal, part of the more cautious and highly regulated life sciences industry, recognized the benefits of this reality a long time ago. We were one of the very first life sciences solution vendors to deliver software-as-a-service (SaaS-based) could solutions. Today, that momentum continues as we go “all-in on AWS” by moving our entire cloud infrastructure to the AWS platform, the most sophisticated and mature cloud in the industry. This move benefits both ArisGlobal and to our customers.

For ArisGlobal, we can now provide a globally unified, standardized solution on the AWS infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform to drive compliance and enhance the experiences of all our customers. The entire LifeSphere® platform is now powered by the AWS Cloud, and currently more than 85 of ArisGlobal’s 200+ customers have been migrated, with more to quickly follow.

For our customers, there are several important benefits. These include:

  • Reduced Operating Costs. Measured in both time and money, on-premise computing requires significantly greater preparation, as compared to cloud computing. ArisGlobal customers migrating to the cloud save significantly on the initial setup cost, and ongoing maintenance is taken care of by ArisGlobal. All support, maintenance and incident responses are managed by ArisGlobal, which further reduces the total cost of ownership for ArisGlobal customers.
  • Quick On-Boarding and Deployment. AWS gives us a highly reliable global infrastructure, security, and a broad portfolio of cloud services to host the LifeSphere multi-tenant cloud platform with industry standard configurations. Because of this, customers can be deployed and onboard with increased speed.
  • Unmatched Security. ArisGlobal has robust security framework in place. Our information security is compliant with the industry leading information security standards and regulations like ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR & HIPAA. AWS Cloud is also compliant with all the security and privacy standards along with all global regulations.

    In AWS, ArisGlobal has leveraged key security features like Cloud Watch and Cloud trail to closely monitor the traffic and actions performed at API level. Critical functions like Identity & Access Management, Encryption, Log management is also managed by using features of AWS. Capabilities like AWS Guard Duty, which is a Machine Learning based tool, which continuously monitors threats and add industry intelligence to the alerts it generates is used by ArisGlobal for 24/7 monitoring; along with AWS Inspector, which is a vulnerability detection tool. To ensure end to end cyber security, ArisGlobal has deployed an end to end EDR solution called Trend Micro Deep Security.

    At ArisGlobal, all products are tested for security vulnerabilities using IBM AppScan tool and manual code review, following OWASP Top10 guidelines and NIST standards to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data.

  • High Reliability & Availability. On the AWS Cloud, ArisGlobal operates across almost all the 20 AWS Regions and AWS’s 61 Availability Zones. (AZs are essentially the physical data centers of AWS, whereas a Region is a collection of availability zones that are geographically located close to one other.) AWS provides ArisGlobal with prompt and completely on-demand infrastructure provisioning with hours, along with built-in redundancies, all managed by AWS. In addition, ArisGlobal can now schedule and automate application backups, scale up databases in minutes by changing instance type, and have instances automatically moved to a healthy infrastructure in less than 15 minutes in case of a downtime, giving customers improved resiliency and availability. In comparison, companies choosing to stay with on-premise computing, will need to negotiate and purchase more hardware and software as demand requires, and those purchases are permanent.
  • Faster Innovation & Improved Customer Satisfaction. With ArisGlobal’s move to the AWS cloud, we can continue to bring new offerings to the market even faster and with greater efficiency. Every instance of the LifeSphere platform, which covers all primary functions of the product lifecycle – clinical development, regulatory, safety, and medical affairs – will be powered by AWS. These instances will also be powered by NAVA, ArisGlobal’s proprietary cognitive computing engine for process automation, to drive significant efficiency gains.

ArisGlobal recognizes that our customers rely on our technology platform to help bring their therapies to market faster and with greater cost effectiveness. With our continued focus on automating core business processes, and our latest move to AWS Cloud, that goal is being achieved .

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