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Blog: AI Enhanced RIMS: What the Future Holds for Regulatory

LifeSphere Regulatory RIMS Compliance

Christina Johnston, Associate Director of Product Management for Regulatory at ArisGlobal, recently presented “AI Enhanced RIMS: What the Future Holds” as part of the Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit Digital Week.

During the presentation, Christina explored some barriers to implementing AI in Regulatory. She also discussed were what elements of AI are driving value for RIMS, and how AI is used to ease and accelerate Regulatory processes both now and in the future.

If done correctly, AI can drive value for RIMS advancement as it provides a single source of truth, improves quality, enables greater efficiencies, and helps simplify the regulatory compliance processes. By enabling better decision making and creating more efficient processes, the result is savings in time, money, and resources.

Both now and in the future, Regulatory processes are seeing the ease that AI creates. They are also witnessing accelerating efficiencies as routine documents can now be automatically populated with already-approved sections of content and approved data. AI has also enabled more collaborative contributions and the promotion of reuse.

To find out how your regulatory team can benefit from an advanced RIMS solution with speed, quality, and collaboration delivered in one simple unified platform, read our factsheet.

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