ArisGlobal Releases Comprehensive Automated Literature Monitoring Solution for Improved Pharmacovigilance

Oct 2, 2019

LifeSphere® LitPro helps medical information managers comply with literature monitoring requirements with increased speed and greater accuracy

MIAMI, FL OCTOBER 2, 2019 – ArisGlobal, the visionary technology provider of automated solutions for the life sciences industry, today announced the availability of  LifeSphere® LitPro, the life science industry’s first and only solution that effectively automates all steps in the medical literature monitoring (MLM) process required by most regulatory agencies. From literature monitoring through to triage of any discovered adverse events, LifeSphere LitPro goes beyond the capabilities of any other MLM solution in the industry. Because the solution is system-agnostic, it can be utilized either as part of ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety platform, or separately with out-of-the-box integration with other safety systems and products, such as a company’s current literature search tool.

“LifeSphere® LitPro has been designed to give marketing authorization holders an automated, effective and efficient solution to better meet regulatory requirements and strengthen overall pharmacovigilance,” said Aman Wasan, Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance and Global Client Partners Group. “It is completely configurable to address changes in literature monitoring and search requirements, giving companies assured compliance and future preparedness.”

Based on search criteria given, LifeSphere LitPro identifies and retrieves all relevant literature from repositories such as Embase, MEDLINE, PubMed, HubMed, and others. It then performs a duplicate check of abstracts to identify unique/new relevant abstracts, scans that literature, and conducts a review and assessment using natural language processing to determine if a relationship exists between an event and a medicinal product. Upon finding any relationship, all key data is automatically extracted and sent downstream, where a new case is automatically created based on analysis of the search, and then triaged within the marketing authorization holder’s safety system of choice.

Throughout this process, LifeSphere LitPro progresses with continuous machine learning so that manual intervention, such as user review and adjustments to add content, will dissipate over time to give organizations even greater efficiency gains.

LifeSphere LitPro is a multi-tenant cloud solution powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), an ArisGlobal partner. Customers no longer need any server or on-premise infrastructure to support and maintain.

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ArisGlobal is transforming the way today’s most successful Life Sciences companies develop breakthroughs and bring new products to market. Our end-to-end drug development technology platform, LifeSphere®, integrates our proprietary Nava® cognitive computing engine to automate all core functions of the drug development lifecycle. Designed with deep expertise and a long-term perspective that spans more than 30 years, LifeSphere® is a unified platform that boosts efficiency, ensures compliance, delivers actionable insights, and lowers total cost of ownership through multi-tenant SaaS architecture.

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