Intelligent automation for medical literature monitoring and assessment.


LifeSphere LitPro

Full-service automated medical literature database screening solution designed to help life sciences organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements and improve pharmacovigilance processes with automation. 


LifeSphere LitPro Benefits

Complete Literature Screening Solution

Easily configurable as medical literature monitoring searches change over time, helping to ensure compliance and future preparedness.

LifeSphere LitPro automates the process of:

  • Identifying and retrieving all relevant journal article details from accessible bibliographic databases such as Embase and MEDLINE/PubMed, among others
  • Scanning the selected information sources for pertinent safety information
  • Assessing the attribution to determine if there is a relationship between an event and  a medicinal product
  • Recognizing and extracting key data points for use as part of the creation of an ICSR or follow-up report to an existing case within a safety database

Out-of-the-Box Integration

Unified with LifeSphere Safety and compatible with all drug safety systems for easy integration within existing drug safety environments.

Compliance Made Easy

Fulfills regulatory requirements by automating literature surveillance, event identification, data extraction and case creation. This automated process decreases manual intervention and frees up teams to focus on core tasks.

Enables Highly Accurate Benefit-Risk Evaluations

With improved data available for assessment, organizations can conduct accurate benefit-risk evaluations of potential signals for products based on the discovered data and establish quality periodic safety reports.

We have seen how the LifeSphere platform’s advanced robotic automation and cognitive features will allow us to automate many of our key PV steps in the area of case processing, which are currently resource intensive”.

Claudia Lehmann

Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim

LifeSphere Multivigilance 10: The Preferred Safety Platform of the FDA

LifeSphere Multivigilance 10: The Preferred Safety Platform of the FDA

LifeSphere LitPro Features

Functional Reporting

LifeSphere LitPro builds a central repository for weekly hits to generate customized reports. Companies can also produce a report of marked articles.

Duplicate Check

LifeSphere LitPro performs a duplicate check of abstracts to identify unique and new relevant abstracts for each search. The duplicate check process includes/excludes ICSRs identified via the EMA medical literature monitoring process.

Automatic Review of Abstracts and Full-Text Article Request

The solution can be automated to review abstracts for valid ICSRs and then issue a request for full-text articles. It can then route abstracts of full-text articles with valid ICSRs to the safety database.

Press Release

ArisGlobal Releases Comprehensive Automated Literature Monitoring Solution for Improved Pharmacovigilance








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