ArisGlobal’s groundbreaking cognitive computing engine delivers real-world automation to the drug development lifecycle.


ArisGlobal’s proprietary cognitive computing engine, Nava®, is woven into the entire LifeSphere ecosystem, extending across our portfolio of solutions to automate repetitive tasks and assist human decision-making. Nava enables LifeSphere solutions to reduce processing times, improve quality and provide cost efficiencies.

  • The industry’s only cognitive computing engine supporting an end-to-end drug development platform
  • Quality – Built and tested with top global life sciences organizations
  • Performance – Significant cost reductions
  • Analytics – More reliable data, improved compliance
  • Enables better decision making


LifeSphere Nava delivers intelligent automation to the drug development lifecycle, with a key focus on transforming pharmacovigilance.

Nava Core Functions

  • Automation of Routine Drug Development Tasks
  • Image Recognition and Computer Vision
  • Automated Data Extraction
  • Natural Language Processing and Unstructured Data Synthesis
  • Continuous Machine Learning
  • Language Translation
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data Lake and Governance
  • Predictive Analytics

Delivering Real Results to a Global Client Base



Of Top 50 Biopharmas

80% of the top 50 biopharma companies are our clients



Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine



Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities




100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards

Automate All Core Functions of the Drug Development Lifecycle

For the first time, the LifeSphere platform provides an enterprise-level approach that unifies every fact of the product lifecycle, with global regulatory compliance at its core.


Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality

Project Phoenix – Next Generation Design System

Our next generation design system, Project Phoenix has been crafted to deliver our customers a truly modern user experience, with the ultimate goal of enabling completion of tasks with greater ease and efficiency.

Learning made easier: Presenting the all new Automation/PV knowledge hub

Automation, fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, brings substantial benefits. By automating daily activities and repetitive tasks, companies experience time savings and decreasing costs. 


Partnering With the Industry’s Best

We have seen how the LifeSphere Platform’s advanced robotic automation and cognitive features will allow us to automate many of our key pharmacovigilance steps in the area of case processing, which are currently resource intensive.

Claudia Lehmann

Head of PV Operations