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Press Release: ArisGlobal Announces LifeSphere® MultiVigilance 10, Industry’s First End-to-End Safety System with Production-Ready Automation

LifeSphere® MultiVigilance 10 features all new architecture and design, incorporating the latest cognitive automation technology to deliver groundbreaking efficiency gains to PV teams

MIAMI, FL OCTOBER 2, 2019 – ArisGlobal, the visionary provider of drug development technology for the life sciences industry, today announced the availability of LifeSphere® MultiVigilance 10 (LSMV10), the industry’s only end-to-end drug safety system with production-ready automation. LSMV10 has been developed and tested in partnership with leading global pharmaceutical companies and health authorities, resulting in a solution that provides immediate efficiency gains and out-of-the-box compliance with all global submission requirements.

Under tightening budgets and evolving global regulations, safety case volumes continue to grow by nearly 15% each year, creating challenges for today’s drug safety teams. To address these pressures, LSMV10 leverages cognitive computing technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning, providing a single, global database that supports end-to-end automation of all adverse event processing. In addition, LSMV10 is part of ArisGlobal’s unified LifeSphere® Platform and is the first and only safety system to offer out-of-the-box integration with medical information and product complaint solutions, enabling the seamless exchange of safety data between these critical functions.

“Since we launched LifeSphere’s initial AI capabilities in June 2018, we’ve been fortunate to work with an incredible group of industry-leading early adopters who have helped us make significant advancements in PV automation” said Aman Wasan, Vice President of Global Pharmacovigilance at ArisGlobal. “The result is production-ready automation in LSMV10, extensively tested and used by the world’s leading regulatory agency and several large life sciences organizations, including two of the top 25 pharma. This group worked with us to identify automation opportunities within case processing and assisted in developing innovative ways to solve them. This has resulted in significant efficiency gains and the potential for sizable cost savings.”

The foundation of ArisGlobal’s all new LifeSphere Safety platform, LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10 has been built from the ground up on brand new cloud architecture, powered by Amazon Web Services. Seamless upgrades delivered over the cloud ensure that LSMV10 is always “future proofed” and compliant, and customers no longer need to manage expensive and resource-intensive on-premise solutions.

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