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Press Release: Two Top 25 Global Pharma Companies Adopt LifeSphere® Intake and Triage to Automate Adverse Event Case Processing

The Leading Multi-National Pharmas Will Realize Significant Efficiency Gains Thanks to LifeSphere’s Industry-Leading Cognitive Automation.

MIAMI, FL April 20, 2020 – ArisGlobal, the leading provider of life sciences software that automates core drug development functions for over 300 life sciences companies, today announced that two large multi-national pharmaceutical companies have selected the LifeSphere® Intake and Triage solution to bring substantial efficiency gains to adverse event case processing across their global affiliates. The pharma companies, two of the three largest in Japan, will also deploy LifeSphere® Reporter to give field teams and healthcare professionals the ability to directly report adverse events on the go.

“Today’s safety teams are confronted with rapidly rising case volumes and limited resources, so we have focused on developing automation technology that drives efficiency by eliminating manual effort,” said Don Otterbein, Chief Commercial Officer at ArisGlobal. “We’re honored to have these global pharma companies adopt the LifeSphere platform to streamline safety operations across their global affiliates, reduce cost and improve quality.”

After highly competitive selection processes that allowed each large pharma to gain first-hand experience using the products, LifeSphere Intake and Triage and LifeSphere Reporter were selected thanks to the maturity of their next-generation automation capabilities, ease of use, global language support and seamless integration with existing R&D IT systems. The solutions will automate key functions like multi-channel case intake, data extraction, coding, validity, triage and duplicate check, and language translation.

LifeSphere Intake and Triage is part of ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety suite, an end-to-end pharmacovigilance platform that has been developed and tested in close coordination with industry-leading life sciences organizations. As the preferred case intake solution of the US FDA, LifeSphere Intake and Triage delivers intelligent automation to the intake of structured and unstructured safety data through machine learning and natural language processing. Offering seamless integration with LifeSphere® MultiVigilance and third-party safety systems, LifeSphere Intake and Triage empowers drug safety teams to manage increasing case volumes through next-generation technology.

Learn more: For more about LifeSphere Intake and Triage, visit us here.

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