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Press Releases: ArisGlobal's LifeSphere IDMP Requirements, Readiness and Capabilities Acknowledged in Gens & Associates Report

ArisGlobal LifeSphere IDMP Requirements, Readiness and Capabilities Acknowledged in Gens & Associates Report


MIAMI – AUGUST 24, 2021ArisGlobal, the leading provider of software that automates core product development functions for over 300 global life sciences companies, today announced that it has been acknowledged for requirement readiness in Gens & Associates’ August 2021 “IDMP Software Vendor Readiness and Capability” report.

Gens & Associates led an IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) software vendor readiness and capability review that identifies planned offerings and timelines of software solutions required for European Medicine Agency’s (EMA) IDMP/SPOR compliance. Gens recognizes that the requirements are a significant event for life sciences companies and issued the report to help the industry prepare for upcoming key milestones. Gens completed an objective evaluation of all vendors’ current and planned IDMP product offerings from April to July 2021.

ArisGlobal currently has 19 of the 22 requirements available in their IDMP solution that were reviewed in the report, leading the other vendors evaluated. Gens’ industry report is a benchmark for IDMP vendors as they determine their cross-functional approach, improve automation as a core organizational goal and achieve IDMP/SPOR compliance.

IDMP choices often drive information management strategies such as a unified platform, master data management, and data connectivity with other functions. Vendors must connect to systems beyond regulatory including safety, enterprise resource planning, quality, clinical and publishing systems. ArisGlobal is ideally positioned to address these challenges by increasing efficiencies, simplifying the client’s regulatory approach and achieving regulatory departmental goals beyond just compliance with the upcoming IDMP regulations.

  • Gens & Associates surveyed the industry’s leading vendors for IDMP/SPOR readiness across 22 core requirements with five specific capabilities.
  • While all vendors will have the required capabilities in place by Q3 2022, ArisGlobal LifeSphere IDMP ranked at the top of all industry vendors included in this report on requirement readiness today for the 22 IDMP requirements reviewed by Gens & Associates.
  • ArisGlobal has been anticipating and working on IDMP preparations for years, and had experts serving on the IDMP committees to help guide the industry as the standards were formulated.

LifeSphere Regulatory is the most efficient and user-friendly compliance platform in the industry. It is the industry’s only unified end-to-end RIMS platform with comprehensive IDMP capabilities, publishing, labeling, and content management.

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