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Blog: Automation in Pharmacovigilance – Choose Your Own Adventure.

On Oct 15th, 2019, ArisGlobal hosted a webinar titled “Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality”. During the webinar, nearly half (43%) of attendees indicated that automation of pharmacovigilance (PV) processes is a top priority for their organizations. However, the areas of focus for this automation differed greatly. To this end, ArisGlobal believes that there is no single “right place to start” when it comes to automation, and life sciences organizations must instead choose their own adventure when it comes to a sound PV-focused automation strategy. According to life sciences industry executives who attended ArisGlobal’s recent webinar, automation of PV-related practices can take many forms. Thirty nine percent (39%) of respondents felt that end-to-end case processing automation is the proper area to automate. Conversely, an additional 24% of attendees indicated that case intake processes were the right place to focus their automation efforts. Finally, duplicate check management was also a key area to automate, according to 20% of respondents.

Poll: Which Areas of PV you are Most Likely to Automate?

End-to-end to case processingCase intakeDuplicate checkNarrative generationQuality checkFollow-up processing

ArisGlobal has recently launched LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10 (LSMV10), a next-generation drug safety system with production-ready automation that has been tried and tested by major Life Sciences companies and a leading global authority. In fact, LSMV10 is the chosen safety system of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thanks to its production-ready automation. LSMV10’s automation capabilities have been implemented by early adopters who have embraced the solution to automate data extraction, duplicate checks, validation, triage, and coding. The system can make intelligent assessment of cases and determine the validity.

LSMV10 is also enabled with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process unstructured data, complete automated follow-up management and automate language translations. The system allows for touchless case processing, with minimal human intervention, or a hybrid combination if one would want human intervention at certain points.

To explore LSMV10 please visit our website, here.

To learn about FDA adopting PV automation through LifeSphere MultiVigilance click here.

In our next blog, we will discuss a real case study of automation implementation and how PV processes are streamlined with LifeSphere MultiVigilance.If you are curious, view the on-demand webinar for complete insights and discussion, here


(This is Blog #2 in a series of 3 from Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality webinar.)

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