ArisGlobal Differentiates Automation Hype from Reality in Pharmacovigilance for the Life Sciences Industry

Dec 6, 2019

On Oct 15th, 2019, ArisGlobal held a webinar titled Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality. The webinar was presented by Aman Wasan, Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance for ArisGlobal, and focused on separating the hype around automation in pharmacovigilance (PV) from practical reality.

During the webinar, Aman addressed the challenges that today’s pharmacovigilance executives face when it comes to managing case intake processes and procedures. These challenges include growing volumes, dynamically expanding global regulations, and diversity in data sources. Aman also examined how these factors are putting pressure on life sciences companies to explore technological advancements and leverage AI/automation to manage their pharmacovigilance.

At the beginning of the webinar, Aman asked attendees if they plan to use automation to combat their PV-related management challenges. Forty three percent (43%) of respondents indicated that proper PV automation is one of their highest priorities. However, an additional 36% indicated no plans for automation, either because they don’t know enough about how to embrace it, or its just simply not on their radar screen. Why such a disparity?

Poll: Does your Company Have a Strategic Plan for PV Automation?

  • Yes, Automation of PV Process is one of our highest priorities 43% 43%
  • No, because we don’t know much about automation 23% 23%
  • Yes. However, automation is not a high priority for us right now 21% 21%
  • No, because we don’t think automation is a priority right now 13% 13%
ArisGlobal believes that, while many organizations recognize the potential benefits that automation can bring to managing pharmacovigilance, there are still a lot of automation-related concerns that must be addressed before it is widely embraced within the life sciences industry. These include expectations management, the potential scope of automation within PV, how to begin the process, and the ability to support automation with existing systems and budget.

ArisGlobal, a pioneer in offering cloud-based solutions to the Life Sciences industry, has been a leader and innovator in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety software for over 30 years. Based on this experience, we understand the challenges associated with automating pharmacovigilance. ArisGlobal has built out-of-the-box workflows to optimize and automate key case processing steps, including case intake and triage, data entry and coding, case assessment and validation, quality review and follow-ups.

ArisGlobal recently launched an all-new, state-of-the-art safety system: LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10 (LSMV10). LSMV10 supports end-to-end integration and automation of adverse event management and has been built in collaboration with leading Life Sciences companies and top global regulatory authorities. It incorporates the latest in automation and cognitive computing technologies, including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

To learn more about LSMV10 check out the video on LSMV10, here or read the factsheet, here.

In our next blog, we will discuss what is available today to automate the PV process. If you are curious, you can view the on-demand webinar for complete insights and discussion, here.

(This is Blog #1 in a series of 3 from Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality webinar.)


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