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Committed to building a better world

At ArisGlobal, empowering discovery and innovation is more than a business — it’s our pathway to impact millions of human lives. As we work with life science leaders to advance global health, ArisGlobal also invests directly in our local communities around the world through robust philanthropy and sustainability initiatives. Our corporate citizenship program focuses on three areas of commitment:

Our corporate citizenship program focuses on three areas of commitment:

Expanding Global Opportunity

In collaboration with local organizations, we operate and support several programs that give hundreds a leg up on their future success in the global economy. These programs focus on language and leadership education, building local schools and libraries, and skill development around self-esteem, health, and hygiene.

Enriching the Environment

The health of our planet directly impacts the health of humankind. ArisGlobal leads several active initiatives to significantly reduce the company’s carbon emissions and energy consumption (including solar panels powering our data centers), and continue to offset them via the Cultivating The Forest program. We are a company that thinks long-term about innovation in terms of decades and centuries, not months, and our environmental focus reflects that heritage.

Encouraging Work Wellness

Our team of 1,500+ global professionals is unparalleled. Investing in their health means we’re able to do even more to support health innovation with customers.
Employees are supported to participate in programs that improve their physical and mental wellness. From 5K runs to interdepartmental games, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle at work and in life.

Case Study: Building Healthy Communities in India  

For over five years, ArisGlobal has partnered closely with Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) to improve infrastructure, education, and public health in India. Together, through partnering with non-profit organizations, including the Rainforest Trust and Ramakrishna Ashram, and developing the Cultivating The Forest initiative, we’ve positively impacted many communities.

Full classroom in India


With GRAAM’s grassroots efforts, we improved infrastructure and launched programs impacting hundreds of students in Mysore, India.

Abstract open book icon

Built two new libraries

Abstract computer monitor icon

40+ new personal computers installed

Abstract desk and chair icon

50 new desks delivered

Abstract paintbrush icon

Newly painted classrooms and hallways


Our programs in partnership with GRAAM also teach children the critical skills they need to succeed in society, focusing on key development areas including:

Abstract globe with connecting lines icon

Skill Lab – English

Empowers future generations to join the global economy with English as a second languageBuilds self-respect, self-esteem, and emotional management

Abstract square with four circles icon

Skill Lab – Life Skills

Builds self-respect, self-esteem, and emotional management

Abstract government building icon

School Cabinet

Shapes students into young leaders to drive change in their schools and communities

Abstract group of blue circles with outline circle in center

School Development Project

Brings communities together to develop and improve local schools

Abstract person profile icon


Strengthens practices of health, hygiene, and sanitation among children in developing regions

Public Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we supported a key GRAAM initiative to establish a village-level task force to provide information and supplies to prevent and manage the impact on the community.


60,000 people reached with COVID information


masks distributed


COVID-affected families received meals and groceries


pulse oximeters and digital thermometers distributed


medicines distributed

Photo of Claudia Lehmann
Boehringer Ingelheim

Claudia Lehmann – Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations

We have seen how the LifeSphere platform’s advanced robotic automation and cognitive features allows us to automate many of our key PV steps in the area of case processing, which are currently resource intensive

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