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Uncategorized: Are CROs Reaching a Watershed in Cognitive Automation Technology Adoption?

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Is Cognitive Automation Technology the Future for CROs?

Are Contract Research Organizations (CROs) ready to adopt cognitive technology as part of their digital mindset for safety? In a recent expert panel, an overwhelming majority voted yes. Rising early adopters are trailblazing innovation and driving more robust decisionmaking. When assessing readiness, the willingness to change and foster relationships across customers and technology vendors will help advance this transformation.

Digital Transformation — With the Right Team 

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword — it’s a strategic advantage. Leading CROs within Safety are advancing capabilities, shifting to a digital mindset, and unleashing cognitive automation to align with business KPIs. CROs embracing this movement differentiate themselves in how they scale, apply learnings, collaborate, and enable decision-making. 

Forward-thinking clients are motivating CROs to advance their digital initiatives.  Kunwar B. Kishore Arora, Global Chief Operating Officer of APCER Life Sciences, says, “Customers are driving the digital journey encouraging CROs to push the movement further.”  Arora went on to describe how readiness stems from evolving thinking and collaboration between CROs, life sciences leaders, regulators, and technology vendors.  

The reality? People make it happen. 

Choosing an Expert Technology Partner 

If you’re a CRO, you are likely on a path to adopt cognitive automation technology and accelerate your clients’ digital transformation. Part of the path is choosing the right technology partner. With many automation vendors in the market, it is important to outline robust qualifications to ensure your business outcomes are met. An ideal technology partner has mastered cognitive automation technology, possesses a deep understanding of drug safety, and has already bridged the two with solutions that enable CROs to hit the ground running immediately.  


At ArisGlobal, we’ve applied our 30 years of drug safety experience and AI/ML expertise to deliver “production-ready” intelligent automation solutions. Top CROs like PPD  are already using the LifeSphere SafetyPlatform and experience our commitment to deployable and industry-proven AI through the industry’s only cognitive computing engine supporting end-to-end drug development. It addresses the highest priority problems transforming the state of pharmacovigilance. We make it our mission to rapidly advance the digital strategy of CROs by embracing this mindset to provide higher quality services to stay competitive in the digital marketplace.  

You’re ready; we’re ready. Click to learn more.  

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