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Regulatory Domain: Is Regulatory Affairs Ready for Automation?

The presentation explores productivity gains from automation in other settings to identify applicability for Regulatory professionals. Looking at Regulatory Information Systems in the context of E-2-E Processes across the R&D Value chain shows the opportunities for Regulatory Informatics and Analytics and Automation. Getting the systems, data and processes working in harmony leads to possibilities in automation.

The presentation also looks at the evolution and future possibilities for Regulatory Information Management, and how new automation technologies may drive quality improvements whilst reducing costs.

Featured Topics:

  • What Future Scenarios Do You See? (2020-30)
  • Productivity – Technology Driven Case Studies
  • 2025 – An Agency Perspective
  • The New Technologies Driving The Next Wave Of Change
  • How End-to-End Process Thinking Will Drive New Opportunities
  • Automation Opportunities In Regulatory

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