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Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Software

When it comes to Drug Safety and pharmacovigilance, we see many professionals being challenged by having to do far more with less resources. The key solution is implementing automated software. You can achieve this and more through our suite of LifeSphere Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Software products.

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How We Automate Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety

With our market-leading automated safety solutions you can bring your safety activities to new heights with LifeSphere, the market leading solution in pharmacovigilance and drug safety software globally.

Our proprietary pharmacovigilance drug safety software offers a robust suite of products that are developed and refined through partnerships with life sciences leaders to be the best solution for pharmacovigilance, intake and triage, and reporting and analytics.

Our Suite of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Software

LifeSphere MultiVigilance

Developed alongside leading life sciences organizations, LifeSphere MultiVigilance is an end-to-end cloud safety system enabling pharmacovigilance teams.

LifeSphere Intake and Triage

Automate case intake to improve efficiency and scalability to case processing.

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics

Reduce the manual workload through intelligent automation and key data analysis.

LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management

Proactively identifying and managing Safety issues allows your team to monitor the entire development lifecycle and easily assess impact on their benefit-risk profile

LifeSphere LitPro

Full-service automated medical literature provides an easy solution to help aid in regulatory compliance

LifeSphere EV Triage

Experience a digital portal that enables Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, and Quality teams to connect with stakeholders anywhere there’s a connection

Advantages to Using LifeSphere Pharmacovigilance Software

Cloud Based

Collect Safety data efficiently and access it easily with cloud-based application, allowing you to work securely and increasingly global environment.

Advanced Automation

Use artificial intelligence to advance and automate repetitive Safety tasks to streamline decision-making and accelerate Safety workflow.

Superior Data Analytics

Access your data and collect from diverse data sources to provide real-time Safety intelligence and insights.

Easy Compliance

LifeSphere Safety customers don’t have to worry about compliance. 100% of LifeSphere Safety customers experience compliance with all present and future regulatory standards

Trusted by Leaders Across the Platform

Why You Should Choose LifeSphere for your Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Software

LifeSphere is trusted by hundreds of global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, health authorities, and CROs. Why is that? Because LifeSphere accelerates product development, maintains compliance, and streamlines collaboration–enabling you to impact global health.

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