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Press Releases: "Towards Regulatory 2025” to Be Presented by ArisGlobal Regulatory Expert at eRegulatory Summit 2019

MIAMI, FL. MARCH 12, 2019 – ArisGlobal, LLC, a leading provider of integrated cloud-based software solutions for life sciences, will present a session titled, “Towards Regulatory 2025 – The Building Blocks of the Future” at the upcoming eRegulatory Summit to be held in Barcelona, Spain from April 8-10, 2019.

Mallika Rajaesekaran, Director of Regulatory Product Management, ArisGlobal, will present the session, scheduled for April 9, 15:10-15:40 CST. Mallika will shed light on how the digital transformation has begun within Regulatory Affairs as innovators start implementing concrete building blocks of a comprehensive 2025 regulatory landscape.

“Today’s life sciences company needs to assess current and emerging technologies to determine what, when, and how to leverage capabilities to the benefit of their organization,” Mallika explained. “My session will focus on the emerging changes taking place in technology innovation spending, the paradigm shift from system integration to cross-department unification, regulatory automation use cases using structured authoring, and conclude with a systematic approach to regulatory intelligence.”

Mallika heads the regulatory product management in ArisGlobal, and is the key contributor in building LifeSphere® RIMS, the company’s next-generation Regulatory Information Management System.

ArisGlobal is a sponsor of this conference and will be exhibiting in booth #1. Attendees are welcome to visit and learn more about LifeSphere® Regulatory, the end-to-end regulatory platform that leverages industry-standard processes (ISPs) and cognitive computing capabilities to help effi­ciently integrate compliance with automated business processes over the entire product management lifecycle.

Interested attendees can register and use the discount code CQ5271ARIS to receive a 25% VIP discount.

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