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Press Releases: Top 20 Pharma Becomes the First Life Sciences Company  to Automate Medical Literature Safety Monitoring

Global healthcare leader goes live with ArisGlobal’sLifeSphere®LitPro to improve efficiency, quality and compliance across the medical literature monitoring process with intelligent automation  

Miami, FL. October 15th, 2020 – One of the leading global pharmaceutical companies has become the first to go live with ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere® LitPro, the life sciences industry’s only fully automated medical literature monitoring solution. The groundbreaking announcement was made today by ArisGlobal, a leading provider of a software platform that automates product development functions for over 300 global life sciences companies. For years, medical literature monitoring has been a manual, time-consuming process. It meant searching through extensive scientific and medical journals page by page to identify adverse event data associated with a company’s products. With LifeSphere LitPro, research-driven organizations will be able to automate this function and dramatically increase efficiency.    

Determined to find a way to ensure timely discovery of adverse event data within medical and scientific literature, the rapidly growing company provided key insight in ArisGlobal’s  development of LifeSphere LitPro. The successful collaboration enables them to improve patient safety by delivering efficiency, quality, and compliance throughout the literature review process. As one of the pharmaceutical industry’s most progressive companies, they have also partnered with ArisGlobal to become an early adopter of LifeSphere MultiVigilance, the industry’s first automated drug safety system, in addition to leveraging the LifeSphere Clinical and LifeSphere Medical Affairs application suites.   

For ArisGlobal’s President and CEO, Sankesh Abbhi, the implementation of LifeSphere LitPro represents a significant moment for the industry as a whole.     

“This is key a milestone for the entire pharmacovigilance discipline and serves as further proof that automation can create immediate and meaningful impact. The launch of LifeSphere LitPro directly affects a company’s ability to be more accurate and efficient — it is a major development that changes literature monitoring for the better.”    

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