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Press Releases: EVERSANA and ArisGlobal announce strategic partnership to transform drug safety automation and advance integrated compliance models

EVERSANA will leverage ArisGlobal’s end-to-end LifeSphere® Safety platform to strengthen next-generation commercialization services

CHICAGO – December 3, 2020 – EVERSANA™, the pioneer of next-generation commercial services to the life sciences industry, and ArisGlobal, a leading provider of life sciences software that automates drug development functions, today announced a strategic partnership to digitally transform end-to-end pharmacovigilance services, leading to safer, more effective healthcare for patients worldwide.

“Compliance is a compulsory part of the pharmaceutical ecosystem, yet it is commonly delivered by disjointed platforms, teams, call centers and data,” said Vikram Anand, Executive Vice President, Compliance Business Unit, EVERSANA. “We’re leading the digital transformation of integrated compliance services, powered by seamless data and services automation, to ultimately create the highest levels of efficacy, effectiveness and safety that only an integrated commercial services provider can deliver.”

Under the terms of the partnership, EVERSANA will utilize ArisGlobal’s end-to-end LifeSphere® Safety Platform for clinical and commercial product safety management, including intelligent automation and machine-learning-enhanced adverse event case processing. The technology adds real-time predictive intelligence to EVERSANA’s pharmacovigilance services, including the ability to process and analyze safety data to confidently predict key signals and risk factors, identify safety issues and make recommendations for appropriate product utilization that maximizes patient outcomes.

The EVERSANA and ArisGlobal strategy partnership will help respective clients make critical decisions around product life cycle management, including therapeutic area or geographic expansion, predictive safety for targeted population, off-label use and personalized safety in the era of gene and cell therapy. In November 2020, EVERSANA initiated successful client onboarding to the LifeSphere Safety Platform and plans to rapidly expand with more than 20 additional client deployments by mid-2021.

“EVERSANA’s focus on bringing innovation to the commercialization process is perfectly aligned with ArisGlobal’s mission to create the life sciences industry’s smartest R&D software platform,” said Sankesh Abbhi, President and CEO, ArisGlobal. “We’re proud to expand our partnership with EVERSANA, which will help bring safer, more effective therapies to market and improve the lives of patients around the world.”

EVERSANA has recently announced a series of technology partnerships and data set investments to enable predictive analytics and digital automation across the therapeutic launch and commercialization process; each step is designed to solve global pricing, access, reimbursement, real-world evidence, adherence and product delivery challenges in the life sciences sector. “From compliance strategy to long-term commercialization, we’re adding an unprecedented level of efficiency across our operation to create more value, optimize the patient experience, and reinvest resources to bring more innovative therapies to market faster. Patients around the world deserve it,” added Anand.

Developed in partnership with the world’s best life sciences companies, LifeSphere Safety is an end-to-end, automated safety platform that helps hundreds of pharmacovigilance teams around the world save time and effort, ensure future-proof compliance and unlock deep insights from safety data. Built on an entirely new, state-of-the-art cloud platform, LifeSphere Safety incorporates the latest in cognitive automation technology to deliver groundbreaking efficiency gains to drug safety teams.

EVERSANA™ is the leading provider of global services to the life sciences industry. The company’s integrated solutions are rooted in the patient experience and span all stages of the product life cycle to deliver long-term, sustainable value for patients, prescribers, channel partners and payers. The company serves more than 500 organizations, including innovative start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies, to advance life sciences solutions for a healthier world. To learn more about EVERSANA, visit or connect through LinkedIn and Twitter.

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