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Press Release: China’s PegBio Selects LifeSphere by ArisGlobal for Safety Case Processing

LifeSphere Safety increases its customer footprint, further solidifying its safety market leadership position.

MIAMI, FL — Oct. 27, 2022 —  ArisGlobal, the leading provider of life sciences software designed to automate core drug development functions with its end-to-end technology platform LifeSphere®, has expanded the global adoption of LifeSphere Safety by adding PegBio Co., Ltd. to its customer roster.

PegBio selected LifeSphere MultiVigilance, a flagship product within the market-leading safety product line, to transition its pharmacovigilance from Contract Research Organization (CRO) services to in-house practices with the leading pharmacovigilance software.

“At PegBio, we are laser-focused on fighting chronic disease with safe, novel, and effective therapies, and we hold patient safety in the highest regard,” shares Ruifang Liang, Senior VP of PegBio. “We believe that by moving our pharmacovigilance strategy to ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere, we will be able to not only meet, but exceed, safety expectations and efficiencies.”

LifeSphere Safety will enable PegBio, a biopharma specialized in the development of diabetes and obesity therapies, to bring operations in-house and control drug development through customized service, authority connection, cloud service, and bilingual language translation capabilities.

“LifeSphere Safety is several years ahead of any other safety solution on the market, and we are thrilled to welcome PegBio to our customer roster as an innovative organization working towards chronic disease therapies,” says Ye Zha, Head of Country, China, at ArisGlobal. “With the increased prioritization of safety, in-house pharmacovigilance has become essential. LifeSphere MultiVigilance will provide a critical level of support and enhance PegBio’s ability to safely and efficiently develop and deliver drugs in this key global market and beyond.”

By adding PegBio to its portfolio, ArisGlobal continues growing its commitment to pharmacovigilance and the safety of global drug development along with its ever-expanding footprint within China’s life sciences sector.

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About PegBio

Founded in 2008, Pegbio  Co., Ltd. is a biomedical enterprise committed to the research and development and production of innovative drugs in the field of chronic disease treatment, which has developed a series of advantageous products, including polypeptide drugs, protein drugs, and small molecule drugs through independent research and development.

About LifeSphere

LifeSphere® is the trusted partner for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health authorities, and contract research organizations. Helping accelerate product development, organize clinical trials, manage compliance, and streamline collaboration across teams, LifeSphere empowers safer, faster life science breakthroughs. As the flagship platform of ArisGlobal, LifeSphere is a market-leading solution built on 40 years of industry partnership and continues to evolve in collaboration with hundreds of trusted customers worldwide. For more information visit

About ArisGlobal

ArisGlobal is led by passionate individuals who support life sciences leaders in developing and monitoring breakthrough medicines and therapies. With more than 35 years of expertise in the life sciences industry, ArisGlobal develops technology products within the platform LifeSphere to power pharmaceutical and biotech research and development. Building on our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives, we give back to the communities where we live and work – in the U.S, Europe, India, Japan, and China. For more information visit

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中国药企派格生物选择 ArisGlobal LifeSphere 管理个例安全报告

LifeSphere Safety 扩大了客户群体,进一步巩固了在安全市场上的领导地位

佛罗里达州迈阿密202210xx  凭借端到端技术平台 LifeSphere® 实现核心药物研发功能自动化的生命科学软件的领先供应商 ArisGlobal 宣布,派格生物医药(苏州)股份有限公司 (PegBio Co., Ltd.)(以下简称“派格生物”)加入其客户群体,这意味着 LifeSphere Safety 的全球使用范围进一步扩大。

派格生物选用 ArisGlobal 的安全产品系列中的旗舰产品 LifeSphere MultiVigilance,旨在利用这款行业领先的药物警戒软件将其委托给合同研究组织 (CRO) 的药物警戒服务转变为公司内部运营管理。

派格生物高级副总裁梁瑞芳女士表示:“在派格生物,我们始终专注于研发安全、创新、有效的疗法治疗慢病,患者安全是我们的重中之重。我们相信,将 ArisGlobal 的 LifeSphere 与我们的药物警戒战略相结合后,我们能够满足以至超越人们对于患者安全的期待。”

LifeSphere Safety 将通过定制服务、监管部门沟通、云端服务和双语翻译功能,帮助派格生物实现药物警戒内部运营管理,并更好地专注于糖尿病和肥胖症等多种慢病创新药物研发。

ArisGlobal 中国区总经理查业 (Ye Zha) 表示:“LifeSphere Safety 的先进性领先于市场上的同类安全方案数年。我们很高兴致力于慢性病疗法的创新药企派格生物加入到我们的客户群体。由于人们对于药品安全性越来越重视,药物警戒的内部运营管理已经变得至关重要。LifeSphere MultiVigilance 将提供全力支持,帮助派格生物在这个重要的全球市场进一步安全高效地研发并交付药物。”

随着派格生物加入其客户群体,ArisGlobal 继续加大其对药物警戒及全球药物研发安全的承诺,该公司在中国生命科学领域的影响力也在不断扩大。

有关 ArisGlobal 及 LifeSphere Safety 平台的详情,敬请访问




LifeSphere 简介

LifeSphere® 是全球制药和生物技术公司、卫生管理当局及合同研究组织值得信赖的合作伙伴。LifeSphere 帮助加速产品研发、组织临床试验、管理合规性并简化团队协作流程,促进更安全、更快速的生命科学突破。作为 ArisGlobal 的旗舰平台,LifeSphere 不仅是凝结了40年行业合作心血的市场领先方案,还在与全球数百位可靠客户的合作中不断发展。垂询详情,敬请访问。

ArisGlobal 简介

在一群充满激情的人士的带领下,ArisGlobal 全力支持生命科学领域的领军者研发监测突破性的药物和疗法。ArisGlobal 在生命科学领域已积攒了35余年的专业经验,利用LifeSphere 平台开发高科技产品,推动制药和生物技术的研发。基于其对企业社会责任和可持续发展倡议的承诺,ArisGlobal 在美国、欧洲、印度、日本和中国积极回馈其生活和工作的社区。垂询详情,敬请访问


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