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Press Releases: ArisGlobal Safety Expert to Present “How to Fully Leverage Automation in PV – A Real Case Study” at World Drug Safety Congress Europe

Miami, FL. August 28, 2019 – ArisGlobal, LLC, a leading provider of life sciences software that automates core drug development functions for over 250 life sciences companies, will present a session titled “How to Fully Leverage Automation in PV – A Real Case Study” at the upcoming World Drug Safety Congress Europe 2019, September 10-11, 2019 at the Hotel Hilton Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Aman Wasan, Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance & Global Client Partners Group, ArisGlobal, will present the session scheduled for September 10, 14:10-14:30, as part of the “BIG DATA, AUTOMATION & AI IN SAFETY track.” He will discuss how the cost of conducting pharmacovigilance is increasing each year as the volume of cases received by pharmaceutical companies grows exponentially. Life Sciences organizations are forced to find innovative ways to process the data resulting from this growth with limited resources. Aman will also share insights from a recent case study on how recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology – spanning cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing – can be combined with OCR and Rule Based Automation to enable organizations to address this challenge.

“The time is now for the pharmaceutical industry to embrace automation technology and stay abreast with the progress made in other industries,” said Aman. “Cognitive computing tools can augment the expertise of pharmacovigilance staff, reduce the volume of manual repetitive tasks, and allow them to focus on more intelligent, value-added tasks. My session will share the efficiencies gained from a real case study.”

ArisGlobal an exhibitor and will be showcasing LifeSphere Safety, its cognitive computing platform, in Booth #2. Attendees are invited to meet with ArisGlobal staff to learn about its innovative and leading pharmacovigilance and safety platform.

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