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Press Releases: ArisGlobal Partners with Snowflake to Provide Data Cloud Capabilities for LifeSphere Customers

ArisGlobal and Snowflake’s partnership will help life science companies seamlessly manage, integrate, and analyze data through secure, cloud-hosted datasets

MIAMI – February 1, 2022 – ArisGlobal, the leading provider of life sciences software that automates core drug development functions with its end-to-end technology platform LifeSphere®, today announced its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company which can further enable its life sciences customers to centralize, uncover, and act on data insights.

“The ever-changing nature and complexity of data that are relevant to Life Science organizations is growing larger by the day,” says Matthew Tendler, Head of Data and Analytics at ArisGlobal. “By partnering with Snowflake, ArisGlobal is delivering on its mission to separate the signals from the noise; delivering key insights on the most important performance indicators for our customers through embedded analytics which leverage a wide array of internal and external data sources. From safety case processing efficiencies to interoperability across our LifeSphere product suite, this collaboration can set the foundation for unlocking hidden value from data in ways never before possible.”

“ArisGlobal has been on a pursuit of innovation for almost four decades, with the mission of helping life science companies utilize technology, automation, and analytics. We’re excited to advance that mission with Snowflake’s Data Cloud powering LifeSphere,” said Todd Crosslin, Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Snowflake. “The combination of Snowflake’s platform and LifeSphere’s intelligent automation will enable life science customers to bring in the invaluable component of data to create increasingly robust and insightful data opportunities.”

LifeSphere and Snowflake will allow life science companies to unlock deeper insights into data trends, collaborate more seamlessly across teams and sources, and generate reports and analytics from data regardless of where it resides. This partnership aims to drive tighter, up-to-date data connections across business ecosystems and enable LifeSphere customers to turn data into mission-critical insights to empower faster, smarter, and more proactive decision making.

This technology alliance announcement comes on the heels of ArisGlobal’s third-consecutive year of record growth, highlighted by strong adoption of its LifeSphere platform and mission critical work with leading health authorities such as the FDA. To learn more about ArisGlobal please visit,

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