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Medical affairs Press Releases: ArisGlobal Launches LifeSphere® Medical Affairs Platform to Support All Medical Information Functions in a Single, Integrated Workspace

The only system available to support all medical affairs & medical information functions in a single, integrated workspace

 Chicago, Illinois, June 13, 2017 –  ArisGlobal, a leading provider of integrated, multi-tenant cloud-based software solutions for life sciences announces LifeSphere® Medical Affairs, an integrated platform, based on industry standard practices, to efficiently manage medical information (MI), product complaints and content management.  The new platform will provide greater productivity, fostering collaboration between departments while addressing key compliance challenges such as data privacy, copyright, transparency and pharmacovigilance.

“The future of medical communication strategies will require integration of different departments and functions with an emphasis on automation of standard processes,” said Simon Sparkes, ArisGlobal Executive Vice President.  “LifeSphere Medical Affairs removes the complexity barrier of dealing with non-integrated, disparate solutions to handle all necessary tasks.  Now companies use a single, integrated workspace for MI with comprehensive business process workflow automation.  The new platform embraces the latest innovations in technology to provide a medical affairs platform that is designed around the medical affairs professional.”

LifeSphere Medical Affairs modules, which are fully multi-lingual, are mobile enabled, empowering field teams to both easily deliver and receive actionable insights and business intelligence.

  • LifeSphere® MI – A complete medical information solution that facilitates consistent, accurate, timely responses through multiple routes of communication
  • LifeSphere® Product Complaints– An end-to-end product complaint (PC) management solution offering a highly flexible and customizable workflow
  • LifeSphere® Call Center – Streamlined call center handles potential adverse events, product complaints and medical information inquiries
  • LifeSphere® Mobile MA  – Self-service portal and mobile application helps medical sales representatives, MSLs, healthcare professionals and patients track and report side effects, submit medical inquiries and report product complaints
  • LifeSphere® CMS – Online electronic “content library” provides global content management

Each is SaaS-enabled and pre-validated, and can be deployed independently or as a single platform to reduce IT infrastructure and support costs while facilitating compliance.  Powerful integration capabilities enable use of external third-party applications.


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