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Press Release: ArisGlobal Introduces LifeSphere® Safety

Cloud-Based Pharmacovigilance Software Platform Leverages Cognitive Computing and Industry Standard Practices to Transform Case Processing and Risk Management

Chicago, Illinois, May 3, 2017 — ArisGlobal, a leading provider of integrated, cloud-based software solutions for life sciences, announces LifeSphere® Safety, a Pharmacovigilance & Safety platform suite with already more than 50 multi-tenant cloud customers. LifeSphere Safety is built on ArisGlobal’s proven and tested Global Adverse Event and Medical Device Reporting (formerly known as the Total Safety™ platform), which provides customers all the best features and functionalities of the world’s foremost safety database, coupled with the tenets of ArisGlobal’s overall LifeSphere® vision: multi-tenancy cloud deployment, an open and integrated architecture, solutions based on industry standard practices, and the delivery of advanced automation capabilities focused on today’s dynamic, compliance-driven world.

LifeSphere Safety cloud-based customers will benefit immediately from all future upgrades which will be easier, expeditious and at no additional cost, while also benefitting from significantly reduced case processing time by as much as 30%, as independently validated by an independent contract research organization.

“We are excited to move our entire safety platform to the multi-tenant cloud so that our customers can take advantage of the cognitive computing, UI enhancements and other technology innovation we are bringing into all of our products through frequent, easier, and cost-effective upgrades.” said Sankesh Abbhi, ArisGlobal Managing Director.

The life sciences’ industry move to leveraging the cloud to drive efficiencies and lower costs we feel is supported by Gartner.  Gartner’s Predicts 2017: Life Science R&D — Digital R&D Gets Smart report states, “By 2019, over 75% of life science R&D IT organizations will finally support “cloud first” application strategies.i

“Unlike any other safety system on the market today, ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety is a comprehensive multi-tenant cloud-based platform that is delivering mission-critical benefits to our clients across a range of safety processes,” said Dr. Krishna Bahadursingh, ArisGlobal’s Senior Vice President, Safety & Risk Management Business Unit. “LifeSphere Safety has implemented innovative features and functionalities around automation and cognitive computing to a much greater extent, facilitating better decisions coming out of a customer’s pharmacovigilance case processing, which, in turn, means more rigorous patient safety management, decreased overhead, and greater information transparency.”

The LifeSphere Safety platform includes integrated solutions for:

  • Case receipt & adverse event triage
  • Case management
  • Safety submissions
  • Submission tracking
  • Signal detection & benefit risk management
  • Central event coding

While the platform readily integrates with other ArisGlobal solutions, it is purposely built with an open architecture that enables easy integration with third-party solutions.

About ArisGlobal

ArisGlobal’s cloud-based software solutions facilitate global drug development and regulatory compliance within the life sciences and healthcare industries. Its cloud platform supports the entire product life cycle including clinical development, regulatory affairs, safety and pharmacovigilance and medical communications. Hundreds of drug and device manufacturers, CROs and regulatory agencies leverage ArisGlobal’s advanced technology solutions spanning regulatory information management, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies, medical information and clinical trial management system to make better and more informed decisions, facilitate compliance, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency. Headquartered in the United States, ArisGlobal has regional offices in Europe, India and Japan. Visit, or follow ArisGlobal on LinkedIn and Twitter.

i Gartner Predicts 2017: Life Science R&D — Digital R&D Gets Smart, Published: 02 December 2016

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