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Press Releases: ArisGlobal Continues Growth with Key Leadership Hires and Expanded Functions

Life sciences technology leader welcomes five executives to elevate the organization across the business, information security, and compliance sectors.

MIAMI, FL — April 26ArisGlobal, the leading provider of life sciences software that automates core drug development functions with its end-to-end technology platform LifeSphere®, today announces corporate developments to support its continuous upward trajectory in worldwide customer growth, technology enhancements, and market leadership. The five appointments to ArisGlobal’s team represent ample years of experience beneficial to the growth and future of the company.

Mike Gordon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As of April 1, Mike Gordon has assumed the position of CEO. This appointment follows Sankesh Abbhi’s five-year tenure as CEO of the company, and Abbhi remains on the Board of Directors.

“As Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2020, I’ve had the privilege of sitting front row in witnessing ArisGlobal’s record growth over the last two years,” says Gordon. “To maintain this growth, we have brought in a team of experienced individuals that we can lean on to continue this momentum. These strategic, new positions and qualified hires point to our growth as an organization.”

This shift in leadership has also welcomed leading professionals in the finance, operations, business and information technology sectors.

Russ Schreiber, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Schreiber joins ArisGlobal from Altus Group, where he served as their global COO. Schreiber will focus on ArisGlobal’s professional services organization. As a former big four consulting partner and executive and technology sales leader, Schreiber has held profit and loss responsibilities for large divisions, implemented compliance and productivity measures, and facilitated problem resolution for various businesses and projects. With three decades of experience, Schreiber has a wealth of expertise to share with the ArisGlobal team.

Keith Dempsey, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Dempsey’s life science and progressive technology leadership experience are a perfect fit for ArisGlobal. In his new role, Dempsey will lead the work to enhance ArisGlobal’s focus on security earlier in the development cycle and represent client-facing functions. He will lead the current advanced electronic guided interceptor system (AEGIS) team and continue to strategically enhance ArisGlobal’s security systems.

Lauren Wilverding, Senior Vice President of Business Operations

For the past 15 years, Wilverding has worked in global services and sales operations for FICO. Her role with ArisGlobal will focus on centralizing and streamlining ArisGlobal’s approach to KPI evaluation, data integrity, systems integration, and business operations, among other things. Wilverding will help ArisGlobal increase cross-functionality across teams such as commercial operations, customer support, product management and more.

Pratima “Anu” Virkar, Vice President of Quality Assurance

Virkar brings an array of relevant experience to the ArisGlobal team. With tenures at Merge and IBM Watson Health, she has experience obtaining ISO certifications and has overseen multiple successful FDA inspections and audits at several pharmaceutical and clinical trial management companies. At her core, Virkar is a technologist that continues to push the use of technology while maintaining security controls of confidential data. At ArisGlobal, she will lead in the areas of quality assurance, audits, quality management systems, regulatory compliance activities, and more.

The addition of Schreiber, Dempsey, Wilverding, and Virkar to the ArisGlobal team mirrors the investments taking place across the organization. Currently, ArisGlobal is focused on prioritizing innovation and automation within its LifeSphere® platform. A life sciences technology pioneer, ArisGlobal is recognized as being the first in the industry to deliver cloud applications powered by cognitive computing.

This executive announcement follows company milestones such as the most widely adopted safety system worldwide, clinical customer expansion into key global markets, and an advanced data ecosystem partnership with Snowflake.

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