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Press Releases: APCER Life Sciences and ArisGlobal launches Multi-tenant LifeSphere® Safety MultiVigilance, Powered with Cutting-Edge Cognitive Automation Technology, for Global Pharmacovigilance

Best of breed PV services and technology platform redefines regulatory compliance speed, cost and analytical insight paradigm

Miami, FL. June 26, 2018 – ArisGlobal, a leading provider of integrated, multi-tenant cloud-based software solutions for life sciences and APCER Life Sciences the industry preferred end-to-end pharmacovigilance services provider, today globally unveiled the first seamlessly integrated cloud technology and pharmacovigilance services platform. The joint managed services plugs in one of the most critical PV compliance gaps of the pharma industry with proven gold blueprint from 40+ organizations and regulatory bodies in 160 countries.

ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance forms the robust technology base for the joint go to market. APCER is also working closely with ArisGlobal to develop cutting-edge cognitive automation technology in order to optimize manual pharmacovigilance processes. This new platform will allow APCER Life Sciences to continue to grow geographically as well as with the depth and breadth of services.

ArisGlobal is building the next-generation, automation-enabled platform that will revolutionize the way ICSR case processing is done today. ArisGlobal have deployed a highly skilled team comprising of domain experts, backed by cognitive computing experts, in order to deliver this automation enabled safety system

“Many of today’s marketing authorization holders no longer want the burden of selecting, updating and maintaining in house IT systems to ensure regulatory compliance,” said Sankesh Abbhi, President & CEO ArisGlobal. “CROs are increasingly being asked to take on this responsibility, and they need a robust solution that will not only meet current needs but will quickly handle evolving compliance requirements in the years to come. LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance more than fulfills this sustainability and scalability expectation while maintaining ‘water-tight’ security demarcation between various tenants (CRO customers) on the multi-tenant platform.”

Faster onboarding of any new customer on the LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance platform becomes as simple as ‘plug and play’ due to the pre-configured, tested and ready-to-use application provided and hosted for the CRO. The solution is based on industry best practices and leverages advanced cognitive automation technology to optimize case processing, leading to efficiency and financial gains. Transaction-based pricing helps in keeping the total cost of ownership low thereby creating a ‘win-win’ situation for CROs as well as their customers. The ability to monitor and analyze the safety data across multiple tenants using interactive views empowers the CRO to measure better and thereby manage better.

APCER has already been using ARISg™, ArisGlobal’s on-premise safety database. The decision to adopt ArisGlobal’s Multi-tenant LifeSphere® Safety MultiVigilance is rooted in its cost performance and compliance. APCER’s customers will now have a more integrated solution from clinical to post-marketing PVG. APCER is now able to provide customer base of 40+ marketing authorization holders on Multi-tenant LifeSphere® Safety MultiVigilance platform, assured regulatory compliance from clinical through post-marketing, using cognitive automation technology to optimize pharmacovigilance processes.

“Our decision to upgrade to LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance was based on better integration, improved case management, reduced costs, and the ability to reach even higher compliance requirements of our customers and regulators. This integrated solution allows APCER to focus on the unique requirements of our customers with a tool that is as compliant, and collaboration focused as we are” said Ravi Menon, Chairman of the Board.

“We feel confident that we now have stronger foundation needed to ensure compliance with utmost efficiency and productivity. Our customers will benefit with the integrated managed services based on industry standard blueprint coupled with output /transaction-based model. said Gopal Menon, Vice Chairman APCER Life Sciences.

Our scientific, regulatory & operations knowledge is key to help build cognitive automation platform with ArisGlobal that will be the cornerstone in Drug Safety lifecycle management- through better quality and efficiency. The Go-to market alignment between us is slated to bring in faster & better technology adoption within targeted customer segments,” said Kunwar B. Kishore Arora, Managing Director India, Global COO- APCER Life Sciences.

Leveraging ArisGlobal’s professional services team, ArisGlobal customers who move to LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance will realize a seamless upgrade and quick onboarding. Additionally, all customers will realize a lower total cost of ownership as LifeSphere is a multi-tenant platform that future-proofs customers against changing regulations, upgrade and maintenance costs.

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About APCER:

APCER, the regulatory services business unit of the APC Group, is a leading end-to-end global Pharmacovigilance provider companies. APCER has been providing comprehensive drug safety, medical information, medical writing, regulatory, quality assurance and auditing services to pharmaceutical, biologics and consumer product companies since 2007. APCER has five offices which house more than 700 employees globally: Princeton, NJ, USA; London, England, UK; Wan Chai, Hong Kong; New Delhi and Ahmedabad, India.

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