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MedComm Webcast: Webinar Replay: The Evolving Role of the Medical Information Professional

The role of the Medical Information department and the part it plays within a pharmaceutical company is critical to the company’s success. It is one of the core business functions. Yet it is often called upon to demonstrate its value and prove the enhanced efficiencies it can bring: such as providing actionable insights, meeting compliance requirements and providing quality customer service. This webinar explores the changing face of Medical Information departments. It discusses the systems being employed and the importance of these being function-specific and efficient, and look at how the size and focus of the company, whether it’s a small regional start-up, affiliate or global pharma, will also dictate how medical information is handled.

During this webinar you will learn about:

  • The different models of Medical Information departments and how they are changing over time
  • The challenges faced through outsourcing medical information functions
  • How medical information teams can continue to demonstrate their value
  • The various systems employed by Medical Information departments

The webinar includes some interesting audience poll results, and concludes by examining what Medical Information could look like in the future and considers how medical information professionals could challenge their current service when evolving for future success

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