Product Complaints

A complete complaint management system for an effective and timely resolution to customer issues.

LifeSphere Medical Information

End-to-end medical product complaints management.

LifeSphere Product Complaints is an end-to-end medical product complaints management solution designed to log and track complaints and provide effective and timely resolutions to customer issues.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Quick Complaint Resolution

Quickly respond to medical complaints utilizing approved, accurate and consistent content that is easy to access and up to date.

Streamline Information Flow

Streamline interdepartmental information flows by connecting to CRM systems like, Safety and Medical Information systems. LifeSphere Product Complaints provides out-of-the-box integrations with LifeSphere MultiVigilance 10 and LifeSphere Medical Information solutions.

LifeSphere Medical Information
LifeSphere Medical Information

Enhance Efficiency

LifeSphere Product Complaints is built on a multi-tenant cloud platform with flexible workflows to eliminate redundant processes. It provides an easy exchange of information between multiple systems to avoid loss of critical information.

Show Compliance

LifeSphere Product Complaints facilitates compliance with both local, federal and global regulations. It also acts as a single point of capture for safety cases, minimizing compliance risk.

LifeSphere Medical Information

Delivering Real Results to a Global Client Base



Global Collaboration

80% of the top 50 pharma companies are our clients



Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine



Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities




100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards

Manage the Intake of All Inbound Product Complaints and Deliver Effective and Timely Resolution

LifeSphere Product Complaints is a complete complaint management system for managing the entire product complaints lifecycle and delivering effective and timely resolutions to customer issues.


Optimizing Adverse Event Reconciliation in Medical Affairs

Empowering Global Medical Information Teams with Software Solutions

Medical information supports the safe and effective use of a product and the marketing of any drug, and one of the channels for disseminating MI is the medical information department. This whitepaper discusses the expertise, processes and tools required to increase the performance and value delivered by a truly global medical information team.

Harnessing Medical Affairs’ Strategic Potential
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Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost Savings.

Manage Complaints from Various Sources

Efficient triage and review of all inbound complaints from different sources.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

Multi-channel communications including email, fax, online chat, etc.

Comprehensive Investigation and Root-Cause Analysis

Built-in robust capabilities to perform investigation and root cause analysis. Assign actions to investigators who access their tasks and send real-time investigation alerts, notifications to assigned users.

Workflow Automation Rule Builder

Highly intuitive workflow automation to route the complaints automatically and distribute the complaints workload across the available staff based on product, priority, user role, privileges, and agent availability.

Powerful Reporting and Complaint Analysis 

Simple yet powerful reporting tool to generate a wide variety of standard and custom reports along with charts for analysis. A personalized dashboard with a unified view of critical metrics to identify significant gaps in complaint handling.

Best-in-Class Implementation Partner

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