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A proven lifesciences partner

Rooted in Innovation

With more than three decades serving the life sciences industry, ArisGlobal leverages a proven approach to innovation. Our longevity in the field, combined with tenured company leadership, delivers industry-leading solutions that customers trust.

The Early Years

Our story began in 1987, when founder Deepak Abbhi, an information technology and services entrepreneur, launched a startup focused on detecting and reporting adverse events during clinical trials. This milestone brought the first commercially available drug safety system to the life sciences industry. Today, that legacy lives on in ArisGlobal.

The city of Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford, Connecticut

Originally headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with a delivery center in India, the company grew a loyal base of customers, providing on-premise technology solutions.

Product Evolution

Building on our foundation in pharmacovigilance, ArisGlobal expanded our product offerings, developing a suite of integrated safety, regulatory, clinical, and medical affairs software solutions.

In 2000, ArisGlobal was the first to market with products that met E2B standards, following the rollout of new regulations from the International Standards Organization.

The Cloud

As part of an industry-wide move toward cloud-based products, ArisGlobal adopted a software as a service (SaaS) model in 2008. This model enables customers to collaborate seamlessly around a single source of truth. In 2010, we launched AD Tracker, a breakthrough product that served as the precursor to LifeSphere MultiVigilance—​​the only automated, end-to-end safety system built with the industry, for the industry.

Global Expansion

In the late 2010s, ArisGlobal transitioned our headquarters to Miami, an international crossroads and vibrant hub for the technology industry.

Globe with ArisGlobal locations

Japan Entrance

Also during this time, ArisGlobal was the first pharmacovigilance technology provider to enter Japan. Meanwhile, our other regional offices in Europe, India, and China provide connectivity to customers across the globe where we continue to foster strong relationships with health authorities.

Investment and Industry Milestones

In 2017, Deepak Abbhi passed the mantle to Sankesh Abbhi, a longtime ArisGlobal executive who shared his father’s dedication to advancing the life sciences industry.

Under Sankesh and other members of a tenured leadership team, ArisGlobal was acquired by private equity firm Nordic Capital, in 2019. This milestone accelerated our growth in new product domains and, as a result, the company nearly doubled its profit within two years. Nordic Capital continues to support ArisGlobal’s growth, with further investment in research and development, cognitive computing, global delivery, and commercial operations.


ArisGlobal formed an Advisory Board, composed of six distinguished executives from across the life sciences industry, in 2020. The board provides strategic guidance for the development of the LifeSphere platform, an innovative software suite empowering life science teams to bring safer medications to market more quickly.

In 2021, the launch of LifeSphere eTMF marked the first eTMF system to meet the Drug Information Association’s new Trial Mechanism Standard. In addition, leading industry analyst Frost & Sullivan recognized the LifeSphere Safety and LifeSphere Clinical platforms with the prestigious Customer Value Leadership Award.

An Eye on the Future

In 2022, ArisGlobal appointed veteran software executive Mike Gordon as CEO. Gordon has served as chairman of ArisGlobal’s Board of Directors since 2020. He previously served as CEO of Altus Group, leading transformation and innovation during a period of rapid growth.

Today, ArisGlobal stands at the forefront of the global market, supporting more than 300 life sciences companies, CROs, and government health authorities around the world. These customers include 30 of the top 50 biopharma companies and six global health authorities, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Innovation and growth

ArisGlobal is in a new era of rapid innovation and growth, fueled by a continuous focus on meeting our industry’s current and future needs. Building on our legacy, we continue to evolve our technology by harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies that will untap the power of data for life science breakthroughs.

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