ArisGlobal’s Corporate Citizenship

A Global Approach to Giving Back  


Committed to Building a Better World

ArisGlobal is taking a truly global approach to corporate citizenship. This is reflected in the many charitable initiatives we lead and support around the world, which are designed to strengthen and empower our local communities.

ArisGlobal Corporate Citizenship

Skills and Employability

Our programs focus on ensuring that everyone has the skills required to participate in and be a part of the global economy, now and into the future.

Improving the Environment

ArisGlobal is committed to improving the environment and ensuring we reduce our carbon footprint every day. We’ve planted hundreds of trees through the Cultivating The Forest initiative.

Wellness and Health

ArisGlobal employees are encouraged to participate in different wellness programs to improve our physical and mental health.  From 5Ks to inter-department games, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our Corporate Citizenship Programs

Skills and Employability

ArisGlobal runs several programs to enable children to acquire critical skills for their future success in society. The programs focus on key development areas:

  • Skill Lab – English: empower future generations to join the global economy with English as a second language.
  • Skill Lab – Life Skills: help develop better members of society by raising awareness on self-respect, self-esteem, and emotional management.
  • Wash-E: strengthen concepts and practices of health, hygiene, and sanitation among children in developing regions.
  • School Cabinet: shape students into young leaders to drive change in their respective schools and communities.
  • School Development Project: bring the community together to participate in the development of local schools.

Improving the Environment

ArisGlobal clients are invited to plant a tree at our campus in Mysore, India. To date, over 250 native trees have been planted, bringing new vitality to the area and giving employees and the community a green space to enjoy.

We also avoid single-use plastics and waste through re-usable cups, cutlery, plates and more. All offices recycle paper and plastics, are energy efficient, and the company subsidizes and incentivizes the use of public transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

Role in the Community

ArisGlobal promotes community building and healthy competition in our various programs.  From team sports to internal competitions, we pride ourselves on being active members of the local community and beyond.

ArisGlobal – GRAAM Partnership

ArisGlobal has partnered with Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM) to improve infrastructure, develop Skill Labs, and launch several programs impacting hundreds of students in Mysore, India.


  • 2 libraries built
  • Over 40 new personal computers installed to improve students’ technical knowledge and skills
  • 50 new desks delivered to improve the school’s infrastructure and student comfort
  • Newly painted classrooms and hallways to enhance the students’ experience and enjoyment

ArisGlobal – Ramakrishna Partnership

In India, ArisGlobal takes pride in partnering with Ramakrishna Ashram, the spiritual organization, to enhance students’ education and lives.


  • Registered 391 students under the program Viveka Shikshana
  • Provided stationary items, school uniforms, upgraded computers, and library improvements to economically challenged students 
  • Conducted several values education programs for students and children
  • Organized the moral and spiritual education (RIMSE) program focused on personal development and spiritual education

ArisGlobal – Cultivating The Forest

We plant a tree for every client that joins the ArisGlobal family.  Now in the hundreds, we’re replenishing and cultivating the forest surrounding our Mysore, India campus by planting native trees and shrubs that bring back wildlife and help with carbon reduction.

During Earth Day 2019, we inaugurated a Medical Plant nursery to grow trees from seedlings, benefiting the local community and forest, helping it replenish and grow bigger, healthier, and faster.


Our school has received good benefits from the program. We can observe development which we have not seen in 20 years. Most of the organizations support by focusing on one component but this program supports the overall development of the school which is appreciated.

Mr. Krishnappa,
Head Teacher, Metagalli GPHS

Thanks to the Sugamya Shiksha Program, our school is equipped with computers, spoken English training, CCTVs, sports equipment and a library. Our government is now on par with private schools.

Mr. Shivakumar,
SDMC President, Metagalli GPHS

Sugamya Shiksha has eliminated the discontentment of parents regarding the facilities at the Government schools. This type of program is a requisite at all government schools.

Ms. Rani Sathish,
Taluk Panchayat Member, Koorgali