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Clinical Webcasts: Re-Think Your Integrated CTMS: Why Moving to Unified Platform is the Only Path Forward

Most sponsors and clinical research organisations manage clinical trials using an average of three to five independent core systems. Creating duplicate data and processes in multiple systems impacts the seamless execution of clinical trials. To overcome this, industry leaders have tried point-to-point integration between the systems for decades. However this has complicated the process, and increased the overall operation burden and cost. In addition with point-to-point integrations systems industry struggle to adopt new trends like RBM and taking advantage of new technologies like cognitive computing.

The adoption of modern, unified drug development platforms would eliminate the bigger operational issues and increases the possibilities to leverage cloud and newer technologies like cognitive computing (machine learning and artificial intelligence)

Featured Topics

  • Historic barriers of heterogeneous, point-to-point integrated systems
  • Decoding interconnected clinical trial processes
  • Challenges of integrated solutions
  • Principles of unified solution
  • Benefits of unified solution

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the adaptive nature of clinical trials
  • Describe the synergies of interconnected clinical processes
  • Discuss the challenges of implementing and managing integrated solutions
  • Explain the advantages of adopting a unified solution

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