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Clinical Case Study: CRO Partners with ArisGlobal to Manage Clinical Trials


A full service contract research organization (CRO) specialized in outsourced early drug development and late phase services. They provide regulatory, data management and project management to both domestic and worldwide companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries.


In the past, they struggled with a decentralized project management tracking process; as their success brought quick rapid expansion, they found that their current system was unable to keep up and track recent developments, leading to duplicated efforts from multiple departments.

They started out small with one site. Over the years, they have acquired additional sites and provided more services, eventually making them the full scale multi-site CRO they are today. During their growth, they were branching out into many new different areas. Without having a centralized repository, they were unable to track which departments were handling which tasks, leading to costly inefficiencies and duplicated data.

The chosen solution would require working with their current electronic bedside tool which captures recruitment metrics within their sites. Their subject enrollment would still be tracked with this tool, as all enrollment happens at sites they own. The CTMS would support site operations by acting as a central repository for project management purposes. They would either import or integrate the data from the electronic bedside tool into the CTMS application.

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