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Blog: Benefits of a True SaaS Safety System

The Shift to the Cloud

Historically, firms relied heavily on on-premises implementations for their enterprise solutions, including safety systems. Reliance on physical hardware made it difficult for teams to remain current with the latest system updates and ever-evolving compliance requirements. Maintaining on-premises systems becomes even more costly as teams scale operations globally or introduce new data sources.

The growing shift to the cloud is creating an optimal avenue for life sciences organizations to digitally transform from on-prem to cloud-based architectures. Not all safety platforms support cloud-based implementations, but those that do provide a new way for organizations to streamline their workflows, bring together global teams, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Pivoting from on-premises to cloud-based, multitenant implementations allows organizations to no longer worry about falling behind on the latest best practices and regulations. Even more, removing silos and reducing disjointed safety operations can help teams reduce their bottom line and create opportunities to reinvest in value-adding activities.


The Benefits of a True Software-as-a-System (SaaS) Cloud Solution

Below are key benefits safety teams have experienced by shifting their operations to the cloud.


Seamless Cloud Upgrades

Instead of having to apply manual upgrades to an on-premises system, updates are automatically pushed out, saving safety teams time and costs, and ensuring they are consistently on the latest version to realize the latest capabilities.


Always Up-to-Date Compliance

With regulations constantly changing and evolving over time, a cloud-based system enables safety teams to ensure they always receive the latest updates as soon as possible.


Open Architecture

An open, cloud-based architecture enables safety systems to be interoperable with other systems, breaking down silos and making it easier to establish a single, unified ecosystem.



Ensure the integrity of your safety data with a secure and resilient platform while reducing the risk of security defects and vulnerabilities by always being on the latest software version.



Organizations leveraging cloud-based, multitenant systems can more easily and cost-efficiently scale as case volumes rise, growing as their operations do over time.


A Single Global Database

Working through the cloud provides equitable access to stakeholders across the globe safety database, making it easier for globally distributed workforces to seamlessly collaborate and access safety information.


Turnkey Standard Configuration

Safety teams benefit from a standard system that is faster and easier to implement and that has been built on industry best practices.


Continuous Innovation

Safety teams benefit from the continual experiences and feedback of the customer community, which are incorporated into the latest versions delivered through the cloud.


The Future of Safety is in the Cloud

Want to learn more about the future of patient safety and how the landscape is changing? Check out this white paper or contact us to learn more about how moving your safety solution to the cloud can unlock a new level of agility for your organization.

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