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Blog: Unlocking the Next Generation of Reporting and Analytics for Drug Safety Intelligence

The Future of Drug Safety Intelligence

The future of safety intelligence is closer than you think. Learn how major investments in our LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics solution are set to empower your safety teams to seamlessly gain the insights they need, right when they need them, to provide greater visibility into case management and proactively drive operational efficiencies. 

New advancements in safety reporting and analytics are redefining how pharmacovigilance teams operate by putting next-generation safety intelligence right at the fingertips of those who need it most. 

Rising case volumes, rapidly expanding global footprints, and new data sources like real-world data has led to no shortage of available data available. Many safety teams have struggled in bringing all this data together, sifting through the noise, and empowering their teams to extract insights in real-time.  

The upside for teams who can overcome these challenges, however, is tremendous, enabling them to deliver value by increasing visibility into case processing and compliance status, empowering more informed safety decision-making, and proactively driving operational efficiencies.  

As industry leaders in safety, we are committed to ongoing innovation and driving real transformation for our customers – and now, we are proud to announce our next step in this journey. 

We have recently made major investments in our LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics solution, to provide a “one-stop-shop” for robust, real-time safety insights.

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics is our industry-leading safety reporting and analytics platform, built to satisfy all your regulatory, operational, and compliance metric goals through its optimized data model, intuitive web analytics interface and intelligent content generation techniques. 

Key advancements are making it easier than ever for safety teams to access complete safety data in near real-time and draw next-level insights without in-depth knowledge of business intelligence (BI) or SQL tools, all through a streamlined, user-friendly platform, seamlessly integrated with their native working environment. 

Below are just a few of the recent advancements we’ve made in LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics. 

One-Stop-Shop for Drug Safety Intelligence

Safety teams need to provide their stakeholders quick and easy access to insights. This is often complicated, however, by data siloes making it difficult to pool data together, latency issues that delay access to data, and 3rd-party BI and reporting tools that only add IT overhead and complexity. 

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics was designed to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for safety intelligence, to break down data siloes, and make it simple for your entire team to access complete safety data in real-time, without needing to rely on multiple tools or leave their native work environment.

Key benefits include: 

  • Ensure access to complete safety data by seamlessly bringing in data from LifeSphere MultiVigilance and other upstream and downstream sources 
  • Enable more seamless information flow with next-generation data cataloging and transformation capabilities and agnostic analytics engine support 
  • Facilitate real-time reporting via the near real-time transfer of data into the system to prevent delays and time loss as stakeholders wait for data to appear 
  • Simplify your IT stack via seamless integration with LifeSphere MultiVigilance, to keep users in their native environment, while eliminating the cost and complexity of 3rd-party analytics tools


Flexibility and Customizability 

It can be difficult for safety teams that need be able to fulfill periodic and ad hoc requests for information without tedious manual steps, particularly when their reporting tools lack out-of-the-box support for common standard reports, or the ability to set custom queries and parameters as needed. 

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics provides flexible and customizable reporting and dashboarding, offering the widest selection of parameters and easy-to-use query building tools so that your safety teams can quickly and easily satisfy regulatory needs and requests for information as they arise. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Streamline ad hoc reporting with an easy-to-use query builder that provides simple templates and creation tools and supports an array of customizable parameters 
  • Expand reporting flexibility with an unmatched library of reusable global and local standard reports and dashboards, including standard aggregate reports and audit/inspection reports 
  • Extend support to case series with the ability to build case series and import already identified case series, and use them to generate reports, saving time and avoiding unnecessary work    

Next-Generation Insights 

As you work to drive more efficient compliance and avoid potential bottlenecks or risk, relying on outdated analytics tools can make it difficult to gain adequate visibility into your safety data and extract the insights required to make the informed decisions.  

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics provides advanced dashboarding and visualization tools, designed to provide a simple, flexible way for stakeholders to understand overall case management status and draw next-generation insights to optimize pharmacovigilance efficiencies. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Ensure lean, scalable safety operations with greater visibility into overall case management status through flexible and easy-to-use out-of-the-box dashboards and visualizations  
  • Unlock deeper, more robust insights with intelligent analytics, artificial intelligence-powered visualization recommendations, and next-generation data architecture and analytics engines integrations    
  • Achieve best-in-class organizational performance with access to operational KPIs and business performance benchmarks based on industry leading organizations 

Best-in-Class User Experience 

Safety teams need reporting and analytics tools that are simple and seamless for any end user to pick up and use, but oftentimes, most traditional methods have not been built with end user experience in mind, with many even requiring prior knowledge of SQL or BI tools to effectively use. 

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics offers a seamless, best-in-class user experience, designed to ensure your safety teams can access the insights they need quickly and easily – and without prior knowledge of SQL or BI tools – through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Key benefits include: 

  • Simplify user experience with a streamlined navigation that eliminates clutter and makes key functionality easy and intuitive for users to find 
  • Increase user productivity with a smart user interface that provides a tailored experience for given users based on their specific needs and roles 
  • Streamline common workflows with built-in automation, including for scheduling and distribution, notifications, and calendar and task management 

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo to see how the latest advancements in LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics are unlocking the next generation of safety intelligence. 

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