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Blog: CTMS Solutions: Finding the Right Clinical Trial Management System

Time and again you hear the same refrain: “It will be in the next release”. But in the meantime, you’re struggling to cope because you need certain features and functionalities for your clinical trials management system. And right now, the CTMS system that you paid a lot of money for, that was supposed to streamline processes and increase study management productivity, is just not doing what you require of it simply because it’s outdated.

At this point we’d like to dive into something we don’t typically do in our blogs and talk about ourselves. We know this is a little cheeky but sometimes it’s exactly what’s called for – especially when you can see the glaring problems companies face with inadequate CTMS functionality.

Over the last four years ArisGlobal has worked very closely with our clients to ensure that our CTMS platform agClinical meets today’s clinical research needs, with comprehensive and versatile functionalities that will take you seamlessly from study planning and set-up through study conduct and on to study close-out.  We don’t sit back and wait for clients to ask for new features and functionality, or wait for competitors to come out with new functionality first.  We seek continual input from our clients.

So how do we go about this?

Once a year, we organize a two-to-three-day ArisGlobal Client Advisory Board meeting, where we bring together our CTMS users to seek input and guidance on the product road map and future system versions.  We also hold one-on-one workshops with key clients to dive deeper into specific functionality that will help streamline processes and improve end-to-end management of clinical studies.  Our product releases go through months of planning and we validate our new features and functionality with our clients to ensure these updates fit current and future needs.

Finding a CTMS Solution

The latest version of agClinical (3.3) offers improvements around the monitoring process, investigator and site feasibility and selection process, quality management, document management and the investigator portal, on top of new features that cover risk based monitoring, risk assessment and categorization tools, among others. We are confident that agClinical 3.3 will be our most powerful release to date and make agClinical the most effective CTMS system on the market.

Don’t wait around for the “next release” from your current CTMS vendor. Visit our CTMS website for more details on agClinical, including product webinars, datasheets and white papers.  Contact us at [email protected] for more information on agClinical and to schedule your personalized demonstration of the industry’s most comprehensive Clinical Trial Management System.

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