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Blog: How LifeSphere Medical Information Transformed Medical Information Management at a Leading European Pharma Company

In the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, efficiently managing medical information is crucial. A leading pharmaceutical company in Europe faced significant challenges with inconsistent approaches across affiliates, leading to a lack of global oversight. This article discusses how implementing LifeSphere Medical Information revolutionized the company’s medical information management, delivering remarkable outcomes. 

Challenges Before Implementing Medical Information

The company struggled with:

  • Inconsistent Responses: Different affiliates used various systems, leading to inconsistent answers to medical inquiries.
  • Lack of Global Oversight: Without a unified system, it was impossible to gain a comprehensive view of inquiries received worldwide, hindering the ability to understand trends and address global issues effectively.
  • Need for Streamlined Processes: The company sought a global system to harmonize and streamline medical information processes, ensuring consistency and improving operational efficiency.

The Medical Information Solution

After conducting a thorough requirements collection from all affiliates and comparing various solutions, the company selected Medical Information for its robust features and user-friendly interface. The implementation involved:

  • Requirements Collection: Gathering detailed requirements from all affiliates to ensure the chosen solution met diverse needs.
  • Comparative Analysis: Evaluating multiple solutions and selecting Medical Information for its superior capabilities in standardizing and streamlining MI processes.

Outcomes After Implementing Medical Information

The implementation resulted in several transformative outcomes:

  • User Acceptance: The simplified user interface was quickly embraced by users, facilitating a smooth transition across all affiliates.
  • Audit and Inspection Success: The structured system enabled successful audits and inspections without any findings, demonstrating compliance and reliability.
  • Global Standardization: Standardized logging of medical information across all affiliates made it possible to analyze inquiries globally and understand trends more effectively.

The Value for Global Medical Information Teams

Medical Information has proven invaluable for global and local medical information teams by:

  • Ensuring Consistency: Providing consistent and accurate responses, maintaining regulatory compliance, and enhancing credibility.
  • Enhancing Efficiency: Automation features and a user-friendly interface reduce the time and effort required to manage inquiries, allowing professionals to focus on strategic tasks.
  • Providing Global Insights: The ability to analyze medical information data globally helps identify trends, address common issues, and make informed decisions to improve patient care and product support.
  • Supporting Compliance: The structured approach facilitates successful audits and inspections, ensuring regulatory requirements are met.


The implementation of Medical Information has transformed how this leading European pharmaceutical company manages medical information. By harmonizing processes and providing a global view of inquiries, it has enhanced consistency, efficiency, and compliance. This success story highlights the significant value Medical Information brings to medical information teams, positioning the company as a leader in leveraging advanced technologies to improve medical information management.

Embracing automation and innovative solutions like Medical Information is essential for addressing industry challenges. As the pharmaceutical landscape continues to evolve, such systems will be critical in ensuring that medical information management remains efficient, consistent, and compliant.

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