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Blog: Best Practices for Digitally Transforming Pharmacovigilance Processes

On June 9th, 2020 ArisGlobal held a webinar titledPharmacovigilance and Digital Transformation: Stepping into the Technology-Driven Future.” During the webinar, over half (58%) of attendees indicated that they are no longer relying on Microsoft Excel workbooks to manage case activities such as allocation, workflow management and query tracking. ArisGlobal has noted a continuous trend away from manual processes. On October 15th of 2019, for example, during ArisGlobal’s, Automation in Pharmacovigilance: From Hype to Reality” webinar, nearly half (43%) of all respondents considered automation of pharmacovigilance (PV) processes to be a top priority for their organizations.  

Key Barriers to Adopting Next-Gen Technologies in Pharmacovigilance

The webinar, presented by Aman Wasan, Senior Vice President, Global Pharmacovigilance for ArisGlobal explored the perceived barriers toward adopting next-generation technologies in PV. The responses were varied, with budget being the biggest reason at thirty-eight percent (38%), followed by resistance to change at twenty-eight percent (28%), expertise at twenty-two percent (22%), and only twelve percent (12%) of the respondents believed it is awareness.

Key Considerations for Adopting Next-Gen PV Technologies

ArisGlobal believes that adopting next-generation technologies to support pharmacovigilance processes requires a careful balance between technology, economics, and humanity. It is no surprise to see budgetary concerns as the top barrier toward adoption. Technology requires investment and that investment must be done carefully. However, it is interesting to see the human side of technology adoption, “resistance to change” as the second highest concern.  Ultimately, digital transformation strongly transforms people’s day-to-day processes. If companies recognize this and address it properly, such as with thoughtful training, they can adopt technology in a faster, more seamless, and expedited way. 

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To learn more about the questions highlighted in this blog series, view the on-demand webinar Pharmacovigilance and Digital Transformation: Stepping into the Technology-Driven Future. 

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(This is Blog #2 in a two-part series from the Pharmacovigilance and Digital Transformation: Stepping into the Technology-Driven Future webinar.) 

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