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We shape

A sustainable world for future generations

Sustainability is central to our strategy

The health of our planet directly impacts the health of humankind. ArisGlobal leads with a hands-on approach to sustainability by integrating environmental health, social equity, strategic governance, and economic vitality to create thriving, resilient communities for generations to come. Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) committee aligns corporate goals with environmental objectives, holds us accountable to deliver on defined targets, and inspires us to find new ways to improve our relationship with the planet. Composed of colleagues across our company, this group guides us to become more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

While we make conscious decisions to lower our carbon footprint worldwide, we are particularly proud of the strategic sustainability initiatives we have made on our campuses in India. To make our operations more environmentally friendly, ArisGlobal India offices utilize 100% renewable energy to power our campus through Solar Power and reduce GHC emissions. To date, we have installed a total 670Kwp capacity plant across India offices. The entire generated solar power is used for our office premises. In the event if any excess generation, it is sent to the common grid.


Giving back to our planet


Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Solar panel installation, looking to achieve 100% renewable energy to power our campus

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Decrease in Energy Consumption

Top-of-line LED lighting in all offices and upgrading equipment to latest technology to reduce energy consumption

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Less Water User in Our Offices

All water is treated in our treatment plant. It’s later reused for several purposes

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Trees Planted, "Cultivating Our Forest"

One tree planted for every ArisGlobal Customer

Supporting Policy for our Planet’s Health

ArisGlobal supports the Paris Climate Agreement, because climate change is one of the planet’s most critical environmental challenges. This serious concern warrants meaningful, global action to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases. All sectors of society, the economy, and government must participate in solutions to climate change.

We continue our work to aid the environment, and we continuously strive to reduce and record greenhouse emissions from our facilities.

Sustainability Starts at Home

Our commitment to sustainability starts with how we develop our products and at the locations where we work. Innovations like cloud-based software delivery, paperless workflows, and automation all help to reduce physical waste and energy use and cut carbon emissions.

Operational sustainability is a key focus area for ArisGlobal, inspiring us to build LEED-certified offices, set a 100 percent renewable energy goal, establish our Cultivating The Forest program, and more. We are consistently reducing our impact on the planet.

Technology Innovation for Sustainability

For decades, ArisGlobal has developed technologies that significantly reduce the resources and time companies need to bring medicines to market. Today, we are committed to the newest advances, like state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning with LifeSphere, that will positively impact the health and well-being of millions of humans and animals across the globe. Supporting data-driven healthcare decisions can be energy-intensive, so ArisGlobal has created resilient renewable energy sources, investing in solar panels and implementing energy-efficient technology. Our business and sustainability goals work hand-in-hand, creating a healthier global community for all.

Tree planting

A healthier environment

ArisGlobal is working hard to improve the environment and ensure we reduce our carbon footprint every day. We’ve planted hundreds of trees through the Cultivating The Forest initiative, where we plant a tree for every customer that joins the ArisGlobal family.

School children practicing yoga

Building Partnerships for a Brighter Future

Through policy advocacy and partnerships with leading organizations and committed employees, we foster a culture of sustainability throughout our business and beyond.

Be a part of our mission for global health through our work and our company policies.

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