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India's Largest Biotech Selects LifeSphere eTMF

The largest biopharmaceutical company in India that enables access to high quality, advanced therapies for chronic diseases, has selected LifeSphere® eTMF as its electronic trial master file system.

Luye Pharma Selects LifeSphere® Signal and Risk Management

Luye Pharma, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, and sale of innovative medications, has selected LifeSphere as its next-generation signal detection tool.


Harnessing Medical Affairs’ Strategic Potential

When saddled with legacy medical information systems, Medical Affairs teams are forced to behave like detectives, hunting down information across disjointed systems and ferreting insights out of vast databases just to satisfy the inquiry of a single customer. Outdated...

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The Path to Breakthrough

Learn why Breakthrough is more than just an event but a summit for thought leaders in health and life sciences to discuss today and the future.

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