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Blog: Top Reasons to Attend Breakthrough2024

ArisGlobal’s annual Breakthrough is a one-of-a-kind event bringing together industry leaders, regulatory authorities, the ArisGlobal customer community, and academia to learn about and share what’s next in life sciences!

With a clear focus on the next phase of innovation, leaders from around the world are going to share how they’re leveraging the latest evolution in life sciences SaaS solutions to solve critical business challenges across the R&D ecosystem.

Here are the top reasons why leading voices like yours are making Breakthrough2024 a must-attend event:

1. Hear from Top Pharmaceutical Companies that are Leveraging Automation Benefits with LifeSphere

Every day, global pharmaceutical and technology companies are finding new and effective ways to leverage automation to bring improved treatments to patients. Breakthrough2024 brings topics surrounding intelligent automation, including the latest forms of artificial intelligence, and using real-world data in life sciences. Sessions, held by industry experts from pharma and regulatory authorities, will be focused on how intelligent automation helps them optimize their R&D processes.

2. Discover How Companies Are Optimizing Their R&D Information Technology Ecosystem with the Help of LifeSphere

By joining us at Breaktrough2024, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from ArisGlobal customers about how they are leveraging LifeShpere’s modular platform approach to solve their most pressing business challenges and optimize their R&D IT ecosystem. Whether you are with a large organization looking to streamline R&D IT or a smaller organization trying to scale with the help of life sciences SaaS solutions, Breakthrough24 has your interests covered.

3. Learn How ArisGlobal is Working with Global Pharmaceutical Companies, Regulatory Agencies, and Technology Companies to Shape How Generative AI will be used in Life Sciences R&D

Half (49%) of all life sciences organizations have cited a desire to deploy generative AI in the next 12 months. But despite life sciences’ appetite for technology, companies aren’t always sure how best to leverage it. Through live sessions, we’ll dive deeper into the subjects of artificial intelligence, intelligent data analytics, and their benefits for pharmaceutical and regulatory executives to help build a solid understanding. You’ll also learn about LifeSphere NavaX – the next-generation, cognitive computing AI engine that powers LifeSphere solutions.

4. Explore the Possibilities of Seamless Interoperability Across the Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs Space with LifeSphere

Breakthrough2024 attendees will learn how connected safety and regulatory data can unlock greater organizational efficiencies and cost savings. Additionally, by connecting these platforms, leading organizations are enhancing their insights and analytics, transforming them into actions that impact their businesses. Don’t miss this conversation and more during two days of thought-provoking discussion.

5. Listen to Global Leading Regulatory Agencies on Automation, Generative Artificial Intelligence, and their Future Outlook

Don’t miss the chance to engage directly with major regulatory health authorities at Breakthrough2024. Gain crucial insights, stay compliant, and accelerate innovation in drug development. This is your opportunity to align with regulatory expectations, stay competitive, and connect with industry leaders.

6. Explore How Effective Collaboration Between Partners Can Determine Success of Complex Enterprise Projects in Pharmaceutical R&D

Visit the Technology Innovation Center to connect with potential partners on cutting-edge solutions that fit your company’s needs. At the Innovation Center, you will also see firsthand how ArisGlobal facilitates effective collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and implementation/change management partners to bring success to complex enterprise projects in pharmaceutical R&D.

7. Build your Professional Brand and Network with Industry Colleagues at Breakthrough2024

Breaktrough2024 is bringing together over 150 life sciences attendees from leading biopharma companies across the globe for two days of action-packed discussion and networking. This is your chance to learn, connect, and collaborate with like-minded individuals in our space. What’s more? We have fun in store. Attend Breakthrough24 to learn more!

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