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Blog: Visionaries Take Center Stage: Honoring Trailblazers at the 2024 Breakthrough Awards

ArisGlobal celebrates customers that are reaching new heights via LifeSphere solutions: Johnson & Johnson, Astellas, Roche, B. Braun, Merck KGaA 

Each year at Breakthrough, we bring together the life sciences community to recognize the achievements of our customers.

The Breakthrough Awards acknowledge excellence across five categories that are the hallmarks of success in life sciences – Collaboration, Innovation, Vision, Operational Excellence, and the newly added NavaXellence award.

We’re pleased to announce the Breakthrough 2024 Award winners:

Collaboration: Craig Cadwallader – Johnson & Johnson

Craig Cadwallader, Senior IT Manager – Technical Product Manager at Johnson & Johnson, has collaborated with his internal teams and ArisGlobal to provide constructive feedback to continue to advance the development of LifeSphere MultiVigilance.

Craig’s attention to detail, willingness to collaborate, and partnership with ArisGlobal has helped push the capabilities of MultiVigilance forward. This benefits not just Johnson & Johnson, but the entire industry and ArisGlobal’s larger customer base.

Innovation: Hans van Leeuwen – Astellas

Hans van Leeuwen, Head of Regulatory Operations at Astellas, consistently innovates to drive efficiency, collaboration, and business outcomes. He advanced the regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance connection through IDMP and structured authoring initiatives, streamlining submissions and enhancing data quality. Hans promoted technology adoption, aligning stakeholders to improve efficiency and accuracy. His vision enabled seamless information sharing across teams, enhancing patient safety and business performance. His innovation and commitment exemplify the Innovation Award’s spirit, paying dividends to Astellas for years to come.

Vision: Ayesha Bailey – Roche

As a leader in implementing LifeSphere MultiVigilance at Roche, Ayesha Bailey, Product Manager – Safety Risk Profile Management, has demonstrated remarkable vision and foresight. Her ability to see the big picture and focus on long-term goals, while also finding solutions to immediate challenges, has been a guiding light for her team.

Under Ayesha’s leadership, the Roche team has leveraged the LifeSphere platform to transform their pharmacovigilance operations. By harnessing the power of an end-to-end safety solution, they have enhanced efficiency, visibility, and insights across the drug safety workflow.

We recognize the entire Roche team for their shared vision in partnering with ArisGlobal to advance MultiVigilance. Their strategic approach and long-term view have enriched their organization and the industry. They are setting the standard for pharmacovigilance innovation and progress. We applaud their remarkable vision and look forward to seeing the next chapter in their journey unfold.

Operational Excellence: B. Braun Team   

The team at B. Braun’s contributions have not only elevated their organization but also enriched the collaborative landscape of operational excellence.

This energetic and proactive team has spearheaded numerous process improvement initiatives this past year. From automating regulatory operations to optimizing manufacturing workflows, their efforts have yielded impressive results. Cycle times have been reduced, quality has improved, and costs have declined.

B. Braun realizes that operational excellence is a journey with no finish line. They are constantly challenging the status quo and setting their sights on the next horizon. Their commitment to learning and knowledge sharing is what sets them apart.

The operational excellence demonstrated by B. Braun has significantly matured its capabilities while also enriching the entire life sciences ecosystem. We applaud this outstanding team for their tireless work to find faster, better, and smarter ways of doing things. They are richly deserving of this year’s Operational Excellence Award.

NavaXellence Award: Claudia Schaffer – Merck KGaA

The NavaXellence Award recognizes visionary leadership and commitment to innovation in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform case management.

This year, we are thrilled to present this award to Claudia Schaffer, Head of Case and Vendor Management at Merck Healthcare KGaA. As a pioneer in her field, Claudia has spearheaded Merck’s efforts to revolutionize how they approach complex challenges using AI. Her foresight and dedication have paved the way for a brighter future for case management at Merck and beyond.

Claudia’s groundbreaking work has positioned Merck at the forefront of innovation in AI-powered case management. The solutions implemented under her watch have led to unprecedented improvements in efficiency, quality, and scalability. Claudia has not only transformed case management at Merck but is also shaping the future landscape of automation for the industry at large.

Looking Ahead  

This year’s Breakthrough Awards winners represent the vanguard of innovation and excellence. Their achievements highlight the immense potential of what’s possible when visionary leaders leverage technology to drive meaningful progress.

We are grateful for the continued support and dedication of these outstanding organizations. Their partnership enables us to bring the life sciences community together to recognize achievements, foster connections, and drive innovation.

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