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Blog: Virtual Presentations, Real Results - “Leveraging Automation in PV” Presented at DIA 2020 Annual Meeting

On June 15th, 2020, ArisGlobal participated in the 2020 DIA Annual Meeting, where Emmanuel “Manny” Belabe, Associate Vice President, Safety at ArisGlobal, presented “Leveraging Automation in PV.”

During this webinar, Manny detailed the benefits of adopting an automation-centric approach to pharmacovigilance and the necessary steps that are critical for success. Organizations currently utilizing manual pharmacovigilance processing understand that it involves many time-consuming manual activities throughout data reporting, capturing, reviewing, and submitting. However, they are learning that the use of automation for data extraction, duplicate checks, validation, triage, coding, reviewing, and reporting ensures consistent and accurate data capture and provides cost savings.

Many companies are coming to understand how automated pharmacovigilance systems utilize with Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is used to complete automated follow-up management, process unstructured data, and automate language translations. These systems also enable processes to run with minimal human intervention, and often with touchless case processing.

ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere ® Multivigilance 10 takes automation to new heights. It is the only automated end-to-end safety system with production-ready automation built with the industry, is trusted by nine global health authorities, and is the future of pharmacovigilance.

To learn more about how our safety products can help advance your organization, read our factsheet: To learn more about how our safety products can help advance your organization, read our factsheet:

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