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Blog: ArisGlobal Insights – Interview with Sondra Pepe

This is the first in a four-part blog series that examines the Clinical, Medical Affairs, Regulatory, and Safety business units at ArisGlobal.

In November 2019, Sondra Pepe joined ArisGlobal as Senior Director of Clinical Product Management. In this role, Sondra oversees strategy for the company’s Clinical product platform that spans clinical operations and clinical data management. ArisGlobal Marketing sat down with Sondra and asked her to describe what attracted her to ArisGlobal and to articulate the vision for Clinical product strategy.

You’ve got deep experience in the eClinical world. Given your exposure to the industry, what attracted you most to ArisGlobal?

I wasn’t looking for something newbut when Sankesh (Sankesh Abbhi, President and CEO) talked to me about ArisGlobal’s vision and the opportunity at hand to truly transform clinical, I just couldn’t resist the chance to be a part of something so excitingArisGlobal has been delivering comprehensive, platform clinical technologies for some time nowJust as I saw in my work elsewhere, it hadn’t been enough to truly empower life sciences companies to radically improve the day to day operations of clinical trials. Sure, there have been isolated big wins but, by and large, most of our industry still functions the same way it did when I started almost 2 decades ago. Lately, though, there has been this seismic friction building. Clinical visionaries, medical futurists, and even health authorities have been successfully experimenting with real-world evidence, adaptive trials, virtual trials, and decentralized trials. There’s so much of this churn right now and it’s really exciting. However, many technology companies are looking to simply wait it out. They want to see where things land on the other side of the churn.  

Sankesh and the ArisGlobal leadership team and our board have a nearly opposite position. They see real opportunity here to leverage not just stateoftheart platform SaaS technologies or big data, but also AI, machine learning, automation, structured component authoring, and deep knowledge of industry best practices to deliver worldclass life sciences solutions. Our vision is to digitally transform drug development through simple, intelligent and unified technology. In fact, with LifeSphere MultiVigilance we’re already delivering on that promise  simple, intelligent, and unifiedThat’s precisely what drew me inI am excited to sidle up next to our customers and deliver technologies that make the changes coming to clinical trials easy and intuitive to adopt. 

What are your plans for yourself and your department for 2020? 

For me, the real challenge and fun of Product Management is in distilling common needs and delivering innovations upon them that users don’t even know to ask for. We see and hear these little gems, those spots where we see our customer’s pain crystal clear and can identify innovative ways to eliminate that pain. That’s the magic of great Product Management – delighting users. Accordingly, you will find us listening attentively and innovating quickly throughout 2020 and beyond in our tireless pursuit of simple, intelligent, and unified eClinical solutions.  

Do you have anything else you would like to add? 

We are currently undergoing a company-wide evolution. It’s completely changing and innovating the way we work, collaborate, and deliver for customers. Just as the life sciences industry is rapidly changing, so is our technology industry. It’s an exciting time to be on the ArisGlobal team and a part of the cutting-edge transformations we’re making. 

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