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Event: Revolutionizing Your PV Case Intake with Gen AI and Advanced Automation

June 26, 2024 | Webinar

Advanced Intake is a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes traditional PV case intake. Powered by our next-generation LifeSphere NavaX cognitive computing engine, Advanced Intake seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure to give your teams access to cutting-edge GenAI-powered automation to streamline data collection from diverse sources.

  • June 26th, 2024 at 9am EST 

Attend this session to learn how Advanced Intake:

  • Delivers up to 65% efficiency gains by automating routine data collection workflows.
  • Ensures reliable and consistent safety data with up to 90% data extraction accuracy.
  • Can seamlessly integrate with your existing safety database within 6-8 months.
  • Reduces form configuration time and setup efforts by over 90%.
  • Accelerates deployment with zero form-specific training required.


Garrett Hess

Senior Director, Product Marketing (AG)


Karthick Sukumaran

Emmanuel Belabe

SVP, Customer Excellence (AG)

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