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Past Events: Safety Proventa International Virtual Roundtable

October 26, 2022

The Future Is Now – Key Objectives and Strategies for Making Sense of Pharmacovigilance Data and Driving Deeper Strategic Insights

Speakers: Beena Wood, Vice President Safety Product Management, ArisGlobal,
Garrett Hess, Director Safety Product Marketing

Join this roundtable for an insightful conversation with your industry peers. Examine the latest trends and strategies influencing how leading firms are leveraging data and analytics to drive greater patient safety and operational efficiencies. Learn what business challenges and priorities are shaping investment objectives and timelines. Discover what other leaders are focusing on as they evolve their safety programs. Share your perspectives and gain valuable insights from firms that have seen results and with innovation initiatives underway.

Discussion topics and themes will include:

· Realizing the strategic opportunity of data and analytics in pharmacovigilance today

· Bringing together diverse sources of structured and unstructured healthcare data

· Transforming data into intelligence through advancements in automation and analytics

· Achieving greater patient safety by enabling global teams to action insights in real-time

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