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Press Release: Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company Selects Market-Leading LifeSphere MultiVigilance for Advanced Pharmacovigilance Capabilities  

ArisGlobal’s cloud safety product continues to grow global customer base with modern and advanced safety solutions, driving increased efficiency to life sciences organizations.  

MIAMI, FL, October 10th, 2022 – ArisGlobal, the leading provider of life sciences software that automates core drug development functions with its end-to-end technology platform LifeSphere®, today announces the selection of LifeSphere MultiVigilance by a top five global pharmaceutical organization. The customer is currently using a private cloud and moving to the multi-tenant LifeSphere MultiVigilance which will enable a seamless flow of safety data from intake to signal detection, native cognitive capabilities, and faster product updates delivered via the cloud. This continued partnership with ArisGlobal demonstrates both companies’ shared commitment to innovative, high-quality, and efficient research and development processes. 

The pharmaceutical company went live on ArisG in 2019, and is the largest, highest volume live customer of ArisGlobal. The pivot from private cloud to multi-tenant SaaS is a milestone moment for the partnership as LifeSphere MultiVigilance’s proprietary technology will usher in a new era of patient safety with unmatched automation and machine learning capabilities.  

“We are honored and excited that one of the top 5 global pharmaceutical companies has selected the industry’s only next-gen safety system, LifeSphere MultiVigilance. This will not only bring cutting-edge innovation, but also operational and cost efficiency to the overall pharmacovigilance process,” shares Aman Wasan, Chief Commercial Officer at ArisGlobal. “LifeSphere MultiVigilance is simply the most innovative safety program with capabilities several years ahead of anything else on the market. The continued recognition and loyalty by biotech and pharmaceutical companies moving to our modern, multi-tenant offerings reinforces our position within the industry.” 

The customer also adopted LifeSphere IDMP, and when those regulations are officially introduced, MultiVigilance and IDMP will have cross-platform communication capabilities. 

Rooted in a robust history of safety innovation, ArisGlobal has created safety solutions in partnership with the life sciences industry for almost forty years. Recent accolades for its LifeSphere Safety platform include going live with the FDA for its FAERS-II Database and the introduction of LifeSphere Clarity, an analytics engine that picks up where signal detection solutions end, helping teams analyze the safety signal faster and more confidently than ever before by bringing together knowledge sources. LifeSphere Clarity will be available in early 2023 as the flagship product within LifeSphere’s Data & Analytics portfolio.  


LifeSphere: LifeSphere® is the trusted partner for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health authorities, and contract research organizations. Helping accelerate product development, organize clinical trials, manage compliance, and streamline collaboration across teams, LifeSphere empowers safer, faster life science breakthroughs. As the flagship platform of ArisGlobal, LifeSphere is a market-leading solution built on 40 years of industry partnership and continues to evolve in collaboration with hundreds of trusted customers worldwide. For more information visit 

ArisGlobal: ArisGlobal is led by passionate individuals who support life sciences leaders in developing and monitoring breakthrough medicines and therapies. With more than 35 years of expertise in the life sciences industry, ArisGlobal develops technology products within the platform LifeSphere to power pharmaceutical and biotech research and development. Building on our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives, we give back to the communities where we live and work – in the U.S, Europe, India, Japan, and China. For more information visit 

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