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Press Release: ArisGlobal’s Life Sciences Safety Signal Technology Innovation, LifeSphere Clarity, Now Commercially Available

The next-generation, intelligent engine will set the new standard for safety signal analytics and advance pharmacovigilance industry-wide.

MIAMI, FL, January 17th, 2023ArisGlobal, the leading provider of life sciences software designed to automate core drug development functions with its end-to-end technology platform LifeSphere®, today announces the official commercial product launch for LifeSphere® Clarity.  The product is a strong addition to the robust and comprehensive LifeSphere platform and a key offering within the data & analytics product line. 

The one of a kind intelligent engine, which was pre-launched and previewed at ArisGlobal’s Breakthrough event in Boston late 2022, LifeSphere Clarity will bring an innovative technology shift to the way signal data is collected, processed, and presented. Using LifeSphere Clarity, research and development organizations will be able to identify risk and derive insights faster, mitigating the impact of signal issues in clinical trials and post-marketing settings to improve patient safety, reduce risk, create a more efficient safety team, and drive cost savings.  

“Safety signal analytics processes have been long overdue for intelligent technology that can accelerate workflows and identify risk faster,” shares Elizabeth Smalley, Director, Product Management – Data & Analytics. “LifeSphere Clarity will bring a fresh set of data-driven capabilities that will initiate a new standard in the pharmacovigilance industry for safety signal analytics.”

Key Benefits & Features of LifeSphere Clarity

  • Efficient Safety Review  

LifeSphere Clarity will bring an industry-changing technology shift to the way signal safety data is collected, processed, and presented – making better use of important safety physicians’ time   

  • Automation of Causal Pathways  

LifeSphere Clarity enable faster Serial Case Assessment during signal screening or signal validation by automating causal pathways, reducing serial case assessment time by up to 40%   

  • Standardize Safety Analytics  

Standardize Safety Analytics across your physicians’ teams for better processing support, saving time and costs. LifeSphere Clarity reduces risk and provides a higher level of confidence in assessment, increasing collaboration and transparency​  

  • Reduce Clinical Trial and Post-Marketing Costs  

Reducing clinical trial costs associated with pausing or stopping a trial – ​the earlier you detect the better potentially saving in costs due to trial delays; pushing launch of drug; revenue generation; reducing administrative tasks, investigator site drops/etc. ​  

  • Knowledge Graphs  

Enables collaboration on a Case Series Assessment by providing shared knowledge points, so all safety team members have the same starting point with knowledge transfer.  

  • Case Tags  

Create tags for case aggregates to increase collaboration on serial case assessments leading to faster and more robust results.    

  • Medical Clustering  

Powerful AI clusters cases based on medical similarities, revealing hidden patterns in data. Users can drill into these groups to derive even greater insights. 

In a 2022 life sciences industry report, 70% of biopharmaceutical professionals indicated a maturity gap in the efficiency of safety signal analytics processing. LifeSphere Clarity is a solution primed to close this gap and picks up where traditional signal detection ends, revolutionizing serial case assessment and reducing signal case assessment time. 

To watch LifeSphere Clarity product leaders discuss the value of advancing signal analytics and how to discover the undiscoverable in pharmacovigilance, view ArisGlobal’s webinar here


About LifeSphere: LifeSphere® is the trusted partner for global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health authorities, and contract research organizations. Helping accelerate product development, organize clinical trials, manage compliance, and streamline collaboration across teams, LifeSphere empowers safer, faster life science breakthroughs. As the flagship platform of ArisGlobal, LifeSphere is a market-leading solution built on 35 years of industry partnership and continues to evolve in collaboration with hundreds of trusted customers worldwide. For more information visit

About ArisGlobal: ArisGlobal is led by passionate individuals who support life sciences leaders in developing and monitoring breakthrough medicines and therapies. With more than 35 years of expertise in the life sciences industry, ArisGlobal develops technology products within the platform LifeSphere to power pharmaceutical and biotech research and development. Building on our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives, we give back to the communities where we live and work – in the U.S, Europe, India, Japan, and China. For more information visit 

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